we are all stories in the end…

I am many things. A mother and a wife. A crazy impulsive book buying bibliophile. A cat lady.
A coffee addict. But what word I find that explains my soul, not just my occupation or my hobby’s, is artist.
I’ve had my work in art galleries all around the PNW, played with installation, sculpture, painting and
embroidery work. But the most moving form of art I’ve ever created came from my camera. A love
affair that will never die. With my camera I am able to share the inside of my own mind and soul,
tell hidden stories and capture the moment to share once it’s long gone in the past.

The Grand Montvale Hotel


Switzerland: by trolly

Coming Soon

I am absolutely in love with collaborations. Art is in turn nothing but community. If you would like to collaborate, hire for an editorial or book a custom “In The Eye of the Artist” session, please fill out the inquiry form. I will get back to you asap.