We are all created of star matter,
summer sunsets and cozy drinks in the dead of winter.


We all have labels, summit highs and ocean lows, and in the end, we are all stories…
…so here’s a little about mine.



+ I collect donut shop t-shirts and coffee mugs
+ I am a proud Gryffinclaw
+ My hair is normally a windblown mess
+ I buy books impulsively
+ My husband and I are section hiking away at the Pacific Crest Trail
+ I am the raining UNO champ in my family


I graduated with a double degree in fine art and creative writing, and though I’ve always had a camera in my hand, it wasn’t until I survived a domestic abusive relationship that I realized how valuable life truly is.

Then, when I became a mother, I was desperate to catch every little moment. The brief and the honest. The beautiful and also the gritty ones. Just like everyone else, I have many labels. But when I became mother, I earned my most important label I’ve ever had. This is the label that taught me the value of the fleeting moment and though one cannot freeze time…one can capture it.

Heather Woolery 19 Branding-08.png


I married the boy I knew in high school but refused to give two seconds of my attention to. But life had a way of bringing us back together in college and like they say “the rest is history”. He’s a flannel wearing forester and Army man who’s soul is made up of pine needles, summer breezes, soil and determination. He’s everything I’m not which is why he’s not only my soulmate but my kryptonite. He challenges and loves me endlessly and I’m a better person because of him.



Let’s be honest…

…someone say’s photographer and instantly you have nightmare like flash backs of Sears photography studio’s textured blue background sheets and you trying not to blink as the flash goes off. That is NOT what I’m all about. I’m all about the authentic and real moments. Deep belly snort laughs, a tushy grab, the way you look at one another. I don’t want you to focus on me and give me an awkward smile! I want you to just love on your person and I will just be the invisible third wheel to your date. Don’t worry about what your wearing, how you look, or what Pinterest has suggested you to do, I’m here to capture who you are in this moment of your life.

Finding a photographer is like going on a first date, and with so many photographers out there it can feel daunting and overwhelming (I totally get it, I was there with my own wedding.) But it also can be exciting and wonderful.
That's where I come in.


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