heather: verb. a blond energizer bunny who loves breves, literature, sunflowers, and anything vintage. randomly breaking into song and taking drives on unknown roads with no map or gps.

currently digging natural light, thrifting, prorogating my plant babies, oil pastels and the crown on netflix.

based in north idaho + portland oregon, i provide portrait, elopement and wedding photography, illustration and design commissions and creative consulting for those unique projects that you don't know how to get off the ground. i also run a blog called grace+guts where i ramble on about sessions, clients, my travels and my crazy little family.  grace+guts has slowly started to become something more then my sign off, or a blog title and i've got something in the works that's %100 woman empowering goodness coming in 2018!

so let's get to it:
for me, this isn't about the paycheck. its about finding the right fit.
i want you to be absolutely crazy in love with the outcome.
once you say yesssss!  this is what i want.  this is what i'm all about...
                                                                               ...oh darling! trust me.  we're gonna make something magical.
                                                                                                                                               how exciting is that?

no matter what the work is, whither its photos, design work or a commission piece,
i want you to be a part of the process and have a voice. 
let’s enjoy a little adventure and note that ya’ll might get a bit dirty in the name of making great art (and memories).  i do things a little unconventional, but i can guarantee that in return, i will give you an unforgettable experience, one that that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling and good deep down in your bones.

oh i am so excited to connect with you.
and if you are too, oh why by all means, please, send me a message <3