I’ve been doing photography for two-years and graduated with a degree in Fine Art. But I’ve been adventuring since I was 6-months old. I’ve never been able to sit still, and so traveling (even day trips) has become my “cure”.  A couple years ago, I went on a trip to Guatemala and realized the connection and raw emotion you can cultivate when you are taking someone’s photo. Needless to say, I was hooked.
So I went from a “mom-tographer” taking only my children’s photos to full on seeker of connection with people around the world, camera in hand.

After graduating, I worked for a marketing firm, and day after day I could feel all the creativity and joy of what I had gone to school for slipping. So I took the plunge, quit, and became a full-time photographer.

And now you’re here, reading my ramblings, trying to decide if you want to hire me.
Let me start off with, where as much as I want to get hired, us being a good fit is far more important to me! If your into going off the beaten path, willing to get a little dirty, meet over coffee (or wine) and looking for more then cookie cutter, then babe, you’re in the right spot.

Whither it’s me photographing your special day or photographing your brand, babe, once you hire me, I want you to see me as a friend, not a venue. We’re going to get down and personal, you’re going to see me randomly dance, show you photos of my kids and quote FRIENDS. But it is my goal that at the end of the road you’ll be able to look back and know you made the right decision.

Want to meet up and discuss the magic? YAY!
Send me a note and we’ll set up a coffee date asap!

Hey! My name is Heather!

I'm a Pacific Northwest based destination wedding + elopement photographer, pancake lover, mother to two, wife to a flannel wearing forester, and Hans Zimmer obsessed. I have zero sense of direction but love hopping in the car and just going. I have a cup of coffee always near by and I will never say no to Chinese take-out and Mexican food.