A Book Review


This was the first book I finished after Graduation.  Being a non-fiction writer myself, I am always drawn to other peoples stories...the honesty and rawness of it...the big flag of "hey I'm not perfect just like you" always brings my soul comfort.  

I write about how much I resonated with Chloe Caldwell's story, how much I appreciate her age and yet still her telling this story.  I write about being a "once upon a time ago singer/actor child" and my love for the color of the book cover.


A children's classic by Roald Dahl, turned movie in 1996, and one I haven't read.  I had originally purchased it for my 7-year old daughter, but as I read it with her, I couldn't help but fall back in love with the adventures found in children's books...which its safe to say, I'll be adding children's chapter books to these reviews more frequently.

Based in current day, this book follows a very young little girl as she becomes the hero of her school, her teacher Miss. Honey, and most importantly of herself.  It's a must read for any aged reader.


I picked up this little gem on a recent day spent at Barnes and Nobel with my kiddos.  I was drawn to the beautiful cover and title and when I opened it up, I knew I had to bring it home with me.  In the two-hours it took me to devour this sensation, it sank it's hooks in me and lifted me up.

Rupi Kaur's small illustrations and beautiful words are so sensational.  Every woman needs this book.  Period.

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