= creating imaginative design for the small yet mighty =

Starting every project the "old school" way in sketchbook, Heather Woolery Co. is a
creative studio that loves  natural simplicity  and is passionate about creating unique brands & distinctive websites.

I believe in your brand, and I want other's to as well. Thats why I start every project with a pen and sketchbook over a cup of something warm with you and we talk about your favorite ice cream and what your dreams and ambitions are! Because when you have a logo, a website and content that your proud of, you can stand behind what you believe in.


  My goal is to create a final project that enhances your unique brand while also delivering  an effective marketing tool for your business to insure your brand stands out from the crowd. The Heather Woolery Co. will work with you from start to finish, helping you lift your brand baby off the ground or help it start running.