Branding Photography that tells a story…


… . As a small business owner myself, I know the value and the importance of sharing not only your product…but who YOU are and your brand is with your ideal client. How do you go about doing that? Having content that showcases the story of YOU and YOUR brand all over your social media and website.


Heather Woolery Branding Photography

“people do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic”
- Seth Godin



So how does one tell a story of their brand?

It’s actually not that difficult. Look at both your website and your social media accounts like billboards for your business and products. When you book a branding session with me, we’ll start off with a complimentary Q/A meeting so that I can get to meet you in person and get to know your heart and the heart behind your business. This is what helps me steer your content in the direction it needs to go to reach your ideal client. With over three-years of marketing and promotional experience and an art and design degree plus 4-years of photography experience…I am ready to help take your business to the next…more personable…level that will draw your ideal clients and audience straight to you.




…I totally get it. The whole concept of “spend money to make money” can be really hard, especially when you don’t have money. But investing in your business is the first step to showing your ideal clients and customers that your brand, your business, YOU are worth investing into. I offer three packages to help cater to each businesses unique needs because I truly believe every business has something worth saying with customers and clients who are at the ready to listen and be a part of.

Heather Woolery Branding Photography

rosie the riveter

Named after the iconic boss babe herself showcasing the strength of women everywhere; the Rosie Package is 45-minutes once a month providing you with 31-images to insure that you never miss a day showing up for your clients on social media. You can choose to do a one time deal or go on a 12-month retainer and save $$$!

One Time Rosie: $450
12-month Retainer Rosie: $425/mo

Sophia amorusa

Named after the owner and CEO of Nasty Gal / Girl Boss; The Sophia package is perfect for small boutiques and shops to insure not only YOUR story is told but the heart of your business and the stories of those who help you run it on the daily is told. You’ll get 1-hour once a month with an online gallery of 31-images to insure that you never miss a day showing up for your clients and customers on social media and 15-extra images to update your website (boosting that oh so coveted SEO) monthly. You can choose to do a one tie deal or go on a 12-month retainer and save $$$!

One Time Sophia: $550
12-month Retainer Sophia: $500/mo

Heather Woolery Branding Photography


I doubt I need to introduce the Queen B in which this package is named after! This is a no-jokes straight up business package. If you are ready to completely overhaul your social media accounts and your website and ready to dig deep into what makes your businesses heart beat! Set up to be on a 12-month retainer, you’ll get a 60-min session for 12-months with a growing online gallery. Each month you’ll get 31+ new images intentional and curated so that when you show up for your clients and customers you are showing up with intention and direction that’s also cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

Beyoncé: $400/mo
for 12-months.