If there's anything I'm more passionate about than photography, it's teaching >>>


I truly believe in community over competition and I make sure to run my business on that module with everything that I do!

That's why I'm sharing with all of you what programs I use, mentor sessions + upcoming workshops I’m teaching at and anything else I can share with you to help your business succeed!



w o r k s h o p s

<<< sage and spruce >>>

A workshop about cultivating community in a social media and saturated industry. Led by Heather Woolery of Heather Woolery Photography and Mari Ziegler of Mari Ziegler Photography, attendee’s are thought how to grow their business san’s Instagram! Sound like a community you want to be a part of? Click below to see where we’re headed next >>>





A hands on, one-on-one experience hosted in Idaho. Catered especially for you. This personal workshop runs about 5 hours.

Session includes:
• shooting, a live shoot with models where you and I will focus on shooting,
posing techniques, prompts, tricks and tips, etc.
• post processing, we'll go over everything from work flow, editing, finding your
style, backup, etc.
+ Q&A, consider me an open book, we will go over media, pricing, contracts etc,.

Price: $700


For those who can't make it to Idaho, we'll spend time on FaceTime and dive into your business goals and questions. Skype sessions run about 2 hours

Topics we cover may include (but aren't limited to):

  • marketing / social media

  • discovering your brand

  • client interactions / posing

  • pricing strategies

  • editing / workflow

  • contracts

  • taxes

Price: $350



What’s In My Bag?

From what programs I use, to where I buy my gear, below you’ll find a one stop shop to how I run my business (with some discounts along the way) because HEY running your own business is AMAZING but it’s not a trip to the dollar store.




In the last 6-months I’ve started using Narrative for formatting all of my images for my blog posts and it has literally revolutionized how I blog, how my blog looks and the made blogging so much easier and time efficient. You can create seamless and beautiful clean blog posts with your images all nicely aligned making your blog posts look so professional and clean. Sign up below and use the code heather74 to get 15% off any of their yearly plans! Trust me, it’s 120% worth it. Click the link below and use the code: heather74



Client Management

Dubsado is the platform I use for all of my client management. It's really easy to create and send contracts, receive payments, send questionnaires, invoices, and anything else you can think of! It is all automated, making it super simple to keep your business organized. Dubsado has completely changed my business and I could not recommend it more! Sign up for a free trial, and get 20% off your first year below! Click the link below and use the code: heatherwoolery


Heather Woolery Photography Idaho Pacific Northwest Wedding elopement28.jpg

“You can't use up creativity…The more you use, the more you have.”

- Maya Angelou



Taxes + Bookkeeping 

If you are self employed, you need this! I have always dreaded tax season. However, this past year I started using Quickbooks Self-Employed and it made this 2017 Tax Season a breeze (like I got it done in one day kind of breeze!) It links to your card or bank account and auto categorizes a lot of your transactions for you! It can even track your mileage and remind you when quarterly payments are due. And come April, all you have to do is give your password to your CPA, print out a report or it can even link to Turbo Tax CPA, and your good to go! Here's a link for a 50% off your first year (only $5/month!)




Buying gear is no joke and is a real investment. When I first started, I really struggled with trying to figure out how on earth to pay for just the basics. That's when a camera shop suggested KEH. They are a consignment shop for camera gear essentially and it was the best thing I did, gear wise, I did to help get my business on it's feet. They offer payment plans through Affirm, amazing customer service, 14-day no-hassle returns, and a 180-day warranty




Being on the road frequently has its ups and downs. But something thats really made it a whole lot easier, and even homier, is booking through Air Bnb. I was surprised to find out recently how many haven't tried it yet! If your haven't, this is such a great way to find a good place to rest your head while your out of town for photoshoots or just personal travel. If you haven't used Air Bnb yet, I've got a code for $40.00 credit on your first booking! So go book that out of state (or country) client with confidence and may all the wanderlust be with you!