Morocco Sahara Desert Engagement

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photography: Heather Woolery Photography
dress: Free People
venue: Kam Kam Dunes
design/planning: Mae and Co.

Heather Woolery is an Idaho based Pacific Northwest Destination small wedding and elopement photographer. She travels nationally and internationally to capture the honesty and beauty of her clients stories. Heather owns more hats than shoes, has a weakness for coffee and donuts and is an avid impulsive book buyer. If you’d like to meet with her over coffee to talk about your upcoming small wedding or elopement you can reach here HERE. Or if you’d like to see where she’s traveling to next, you can see a full list HERE.

Why I'm a Photographer

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(huge shoutout and thank you to all my amazing second shooters and team who capture’s
these BTS photos of me doing what I love to do!)

Heather Woolery is a Pacific Northwest based destination wedding and elopement photographer capturing stories and memories around the country and the world. She’s coffee obsessed, loves the smell of campfires and has more hats than shoes. If you’d like to inquire with Heather to help capture your memories, you can click HERE! Or see where she’s traveling to next HERE.

An Intimate Tulum Mexico Greenhouse Elopement

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Venue: Beldi Country Club
Dress: Elizabeth Dye
Jewelry: Tree Myriah
Photography: Heather Woolery Photography
Led By: Anni Graham
Design & Style: Mae and Co
Paper Suite: Seek Paper Co
Florals: Brier and Ivy

Are you thinking of eloping in Tulum, Mexico or somewhere else around the world? Send Heather an email at: and set up a coffee date to talk about all of your plans! You can also see where Heather is traveling to next HERE.

Moroccan Rooftop Engagement

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Venue: Riad Chamali
Dress: Free People
Designed & Styled: Mae and Co and Anni Graham
Florist: Brier and Ivy
Jewelry: Tree Myriah

Coffee With Heather: For Photographers


When I started booking my first real clients in 2016-2017, I had no idea how much there actually was to running a business. And then after I was hooked to wedding photography after my first solo wedding towards the end 2017, I was hit with another truck load of information and to-do lists.

I’ve purchased more presets than I’d like to admit trying to find my editing style, my website has taken on more transformations than a molting snake and my client/vendor relationship has defiantly improved. My contract is also finally in a place where I feel like I’m actually covered and the biggest reason is because I had to learn a lot of life lessons when it came to running a business.

Over the last few day’s I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what programs I use (which I share in another blog post here), what templates I use, what presets I use, etc etc etc.
First off, I love teaching, I love helping people find what works for them. I’ve gone through a dozen set of presets to finally hone in on what I wanted my work to look like…so helping creatives find that “Ah Ha!” moment is always so rewarding to me. Secondly; there is ever only so much time I can spend on Instagram or social media answering questions. So I’ve put together a short bullet list of creatives I’ve purchased from, use, have used or have heard really great reviews from that have helped my business ebb and flow to where it is now. So, let’s dive into it!


I mentioned I’ve purchased MULTIPLE presets over the last three years, and at the beginning of 2018 finally found my “style” or direction I wanted my images to go. I don’t sell my personal presets but here is a list of some amazing creatives I’ve purchased from and who are doing amazing things:

HD Presets by Henry Tieu

Anni Graham Presets by Anni Graham

DC Presets by Dawn Charles


From pricing guides to bridal welcome boxes there is so much to make and create: I personally designed my own website on Squarespace and wrote my own copy. I also designed my own logo and the majority of my print materials that I include in my welcome boxes and inquiry packets for clients. But I’ve also purchased and seen some amazing templates that are absolutely worth the investment:

Pricing Guides by Caskro Studio

Pricing Guides by Hustle Like A Boss

Pricing Guides by Jenna Kutcher

other notable and amazing templates and guides well worth the investment include:

The Complete Guide To Camera Settings by Dawn Charles

Contract Templates by Laurken Kendall


There is so many more AMAZING presets, templates, and other resources out there but these are the ones, as I’ve said earlier, that I’ve purchased and used or still am using or have seen them in person because a fellow photographer uses them. But I hope this short list will help you achieve the goals you have for you and your business this year!

Heather Woolery is a photographer and educator based in North Idaho. 
If you’d like more information:


A Snowy North Idaho Engagement

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Heather Woolery is a wedding and elopement photographer for the adventurous and whimsical at heart. She is based out of North Idaho but is available nationally and world wild.

The Grand Montvale Hotel

Let’s just take a quick moment for me to admit my obsession with Wes Anderson. At legitimately every shoot, I try to get one shot that’s Wes Anderson style like. Growing up in theater and going to plays, the 2D visually yet 3D immersive nature of Wes Anderson’s stories has captured me for YEARS! Fantastic Mr. Fox may or may not have been one of the first full-length movies I ever showed my kids.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can proceed.

Storytelling is everything to me. I love getting to know couples, find what makes them THEM and then just rolling with it. It can be just a couples or engagement session or a full-blown wedding, I’m going to do this. Why one may ask? Because. I don’t take it lightly that I’m granted the opportunity to come into a couples sacred space and be allowed to tell their story of that moment in their lives. I’m telling stories with my camera. Small little looks, the crooked nook in your smile when he looks at you, fingers intertwined. Are all elements to your story. And this is just the way that I operate.

And one day back in November(ish) I got this intrinsic need to create something so bombastically different than my clientele had ever seen before. Something that was so iconically me. What is iconically me? Well, I’m actually, though a proud introvert, am a huge goofy, whimsical and quirky person. There’s a subtleness to my crazy and colorful heart. And what better way to share this than with the creamy pinks, royal purples and pops of red of Wes Anderson’s sensational, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I put together an inspiration board and shared it with numerous vendors until I had found the right person for each little itty bitty piece I was envisioning.

And finally, on the first Saturday of February, it all came together.
The result…my soul has been on cloud nine since.

The team that helped make this come together with such beautiful nods to Wes Anderson’s film was all and more that I could have asked for. I’m so over the moon with the photographs and home you all enjoy them as well.

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HUGE shoutout to the AMAZINGLY creative and imaginative vendors who made this all come together! If your planning a wedding with some fun quirky twists, go and hire this team of BA women killing it!

Venue: Montvale Hotel

Event Planning & Paper Goods: Wild Wood Design and Coordination
IG: @ wildwood_wedding_coordination

Photography: Heather Woolery Photography
IG: @ coffeewithheather

Cookies: Sweet Dough Cookie Co
IG: @ sweetdough.cookieco

Couple: Austin and Laura Storm

Décor: Bully For You
IG: @ bullyforyoucolfax

Pastries: Bang Bang Creative Co

Flowers: Flowers Decor and More
IG: @ flowers.decor.and.more

Hair by Sarah Patterson
IG: @hairbysarahpatterson

Dress: Honest In Ivory
IG: @ honestinivory

Clothing Props:
Storm Cellar

Makeup: Rachel Jordan Beauty
W: Http://
IG: @racheljordanbeauty
FB: Http://

An Intimate Joshua Tree Elopement


I was in Germany last September visiting family when I got an email from this bride saying that in less than a month she and her man were eloping in Joshua Tree. They had been trying to get married for a while and life just kept happening, causing them to just not be able to tie the knot. I had little to none of my stuff with me that I typically send brides nor was I able to just call them up and talk with them as I was on vacation, but I just knew in my gut I had to help capture this elopement for them. We built an email relationship quickly and two weeks after landing back in the States I was flying out to run a 48-hour marathon. A marathon of wake up, fly out to California, photograph this amazing elopement and then fly out the very next morning. And it was every bit worth it.

From the moment I drove up to their venue I was greeted by the sweetest humans who just kept making me feel so welcome and a part of the celebration through the whole night. After the sweetest and intimate ceremony I’ve ever been a part of where the brides grandparents officiated, they celebrated by sharing toasts of champaign and all the family and friends hugs one could imagine.

While everyone else went back to the reception site, I snuck these two off into the park to take bridals which included honks of congratulations from other Joshua Tree park visitors, some sisterly love and finding the perfect Joshua Tree to take photos with. Driving in the car with them back to the reception site, I was filled with the absolute of knowing that I was so humbled that I got to photograph Remy and Lukes elopement. Not because it was a “destination elopement” but because of their love and their sweetness towards one another.

When we got back to the venue for the reception, the bride, grandma and the rest of the family helped set up the dessert table while the groom, an incredible chef out of Bend, Oregon helped set up the most magical array of drinks and set up the taco bar (this couple had Manchego cheese and a taco bar…it was like they knew my soul!) Not to mention I had my own spot at the table. The toasts had me wrecked, as each sweet friend and family member rose to toast this couple whom I’d only met less than 24-hours ago and whom I was so in love with and moved by. And after the coyote visitor who wanted to join in the taco festivities left and the cake was cut I went back to my hotel with my heart so full. It was the best way to end the 2018 wedding season and I’m still to this day so humbled that my bride and groom not only trusted me to come out and capturing this magical day but also made me feel so welcome and apart of everything.

Here is some of the highlights that had me blown away from this magical intimate Joshua Tree Elopement:

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