365/ week 36: on the road


Since Sunday I've been on the road, windows open, letting everything that's been bogging me down, fly and fade from the review mirror.

Sometime's, when life just doesn't get a darn clue that you can't handle another "mishap" you just have to get in a car (or airplane, or train, or boat etc) and just go!

I started this week off by visiting a friend from college out in Missoula, MT where we danced on stage with Belle and Sebastian at the Traveler's Rest Tour, ate lots of pizza, shot together for Missoula Mountain Mermaid local, Gemini Mountain Swimwear, and had raging lady power rants.

I then traveled back through the 208 over and across to Joseph, OR to spend time with my adopted sister.  It also kicked off Senior Session's Season as I met class of 2018 Sr. Tucker.  We hiked around a state park, went down to the Wallowa Lake, and then wondered over to the town's park to barrow the basketball court.  While in Joseph, I fell in love with the hundreds of deer that wondered around with their dopey ears, drank the best coffee one could dream of and soaked up golden hour with my lady.

And now I'm back in the 208 to finish off my little trip.  I've got plenty more planned, and of course I'm not going to be missing that solar eclipse.  This trip didn't solve every issue, it actually didn't solve any.  But what it did was give me breathing room, fresh air for my soul.  It's easy to get lost in the fog of life, and some times you just have to do what's best for yourself to get yourself back to where you need to be.

With Grace+Guts,

PS: PLEASE make sure you have good solar eclipse glasses!


365/ week 35: dwindling summer


Last week's post generated so many kind words in all the mediums and I just wanted to start out by saying thank you to everyone for all the love and support!  When it rains it pours, and it's really nice to know I have people in my life who would hold an umbrella for me (that's a really bad analogy, but i's 6:00 in the morning on a Sunday, so that's what I'm running with) basically....just thank you everyone!  You are amazing.

This past week, I unpacked all of the boxes I had packed, and even though I had purged while packing for our monster yard sale last weekend, I purged again while I un packed. This concept was on my 365-list, and I never would have thought that it would be this difficult.  Difficult because I have attached myself to material items, and difficult because I somehow miss stuff.  This would be the 5th attempt this year and now I'm FINALLY getting my little dwelling to the point I'd like to be at.

My studio is almost completed, the kids rooms are organized and ready for school to start (my "baby" starts Kindergarten this year, meaning I have no more "baby babies" under my roof!) the kitchen, both bathrooms, the living room and my room all have been purged, organized and cleaned.  And the only things I can say I honestly "need" are a new dinning table as the old one is now my studios conference/work table and more plants.

But plants and a table will have to wait.  Though our summer was spent on the prospect of moving, I put together a list of things for myself, and a list of things for my family and I to do from now through October to try and regain a little ground.  Even though school will be back in session, that hasn't made the warm days go away and we're going to soak it all up.

First things first...I hit the road today to start a 10-day venture to put my soul back in it's place, to take a million photos, feel the air through my hair, listen to some amazing music, reconnect with friends, and soak up sun, river and road.

I have never been able to sit still, trust me!  I even have a 13-hr clock tattoo on myself because of this concept.  We could be at Disneyland, in Germany anywhere as a child and I would ask my parents "whats next, where are we going now?" It was never that I was ungrateful, let alone not enjoying the moment.  Because I always was, but my soul likes to wander and when I put a leash on it the anxiety I've been fighting my whole life builds into a toxic melody and it's crippling.

I have like no money due to a fun run with needing to reprogram my car and get new keys this week with my loosing my only car key (oopsy) but something purging my house has taught me...material things have only a moments value of worth.  What lasts is the memories, the feelings, the lessons learned.  So camera in tow, I am off.

Go Wander my Babes, trust me, it will look good on you.

With Grace+Guts,



365/ week 34: the best made plans


Sometimes, no matter how are you try. No matter how devoutly you pray. No matter how hard you wish...the best made plans just don't work...

Last week I almost postponed the post about my starting my flying lessons in lew of telling all of you that YES! I was in fact finally getting to move to Portland, OR. Finally getting to be back under one roof with my hubby, and finally getting to kick off my own studio in a state I've been dying to live in since I was a little girl.  But the best made plans, don't always pan out and on Friday (when this blog usually posts) we were informed that it could take 2-9 months before we had all the legal papers in hand that would allow me to move my daughter out of the state of Idaho and register her for school in Oregon.

Meaning yes, we will not be moving once again.

Moving...in general...is not usually a favorite activity for most of us, and in fact does cause enough stress and struggle as is in it's face value.  However, this added level of uncertainty and unknowing of when has put its toll on all of us under our little roof. Well, maybe not the four legged and finned family members, but the rest of us for sure.

When this news hit us Friday, I knew I couldn't post anything for 365, I didn't want to pretend that everything was going perfectly.  Because, this challenge was never a guarantee that my life after college was going to be this Hollywood story and a piece of glorious cake.  I hadn't even been out of college a month when my hubby got this wonderful job out of state.  Something we deemed as a blessing with his lack of work in the state of Idaho.  But that all being said, I needed to take a few days, a weekend, to begin unpacking all of the boxes that I'd spent countless sleepless nights on and plan three things for myself and my family.

1: When un packing boxes...I didn't put a single thing back in its original spot.  It was like I was unpacking in a new home.  I rehung pictures in other spots and spackled the old holes.  I organized my books differently, I'm even redecorating the kids rooms the way we were planning on doing so in Oregon.  Sometimes, you don't have to relocate to refresh and cleanse the old.

2: I planned a self trip.  With both kiddo's out of town for a series of time and the hubby obviously working in Oregon, I decided to do something I haven't ever done (which is a surprise to most given my need to move and travel consistently.) Go on a mini road trip with just myself.  I have three pit stops, the last one being where I pick up my kiddo's, and have planned photoshoots at each location.  Theres a music festival, a cider house, a couple coffee shops and no promises that I won't buy at least three new plants, all with my camera in tow.  Sometimes, you just need a reset button.  This is my reset button.

3: Not giving up on my own studio just because I'm not relocating when planned.  Originally I was going to open my own creative studio once I got to Portland.  I even had my eye on a couple store fronts (personal swoon on all the natural light that was going to happen) but with the help of my hubby who came home this weekend, we purged our one car garage, with zero windows but still the space and capacity so that over the next few months I can begin working still forward in making a space for myself and my clients.  I will continue to book creative + photo clients in the PNW and Inland Northwest region and just keep pushing forward.  Even though it is REALLY HARD and I keep throwing tantrums that include me yelling "this fu**ing sucks!"

So that's that.  Not at all the forward motion I wanted.  It now feels like a wounded turtles craw sort of forward motion versus the jack rabbit my personality craves.  But, in trying to teach my self to be humble, it's at least still forward motion.  And not to brag or anything, but my little abode is looking dang good! =)

With Grace+Guts,


365/ week 33: in a world of its own


This past weekend, I took to the air...literally and began a new level love affair with the sky flying a Cessna and snagging my first arial shots.

One of the biggest things I've been wanting to do that was one of the first things I put on my 365-list was to learn how to fly, or at least fly in a little airplane and see if I liked it as much I as I do when I fly nationally and internationally.

It was a 7:00am flight after a late, yet wonderful 80's themed night celebrating the hub's and I's 4th wedding anniversary.  So getting up and moving was a bit of a struggle...but worth it!


As we began to take off after going through the whole run down of plane safety, the pilot made the comment "Its being in a world of it's own..." and holy heck it was.

We flew for an hour over different places that I had only ever seen from the ground.  Moscow Mountain (a frequent hiking spot), the rivers, the Palouse in it's golden state as the wheat is just about the be harvested...and for 1-hour I was in a world of its own.  I was above fear, above the stress, above so much.  I was free.  And I was hooked.  I'm not sure when I'll fly again, as I mentioned in my last post I'm working on a little something something, but I'm absolutely going to be doing this more frequently. 

So as a reminder...don't live your life for the norm.  For the ground.  Live your life for a world of it's own.

With Grace + Guts,



365/ week 32


A week without kids is like a dream, even though I've been overtly busy, I won't lie, its felt like I was walking on a cloud.

This week I've been kid free. Kid free because as I continue to be a "single" mom with the hubbs working out of state, I had literally zero way of pulling off the week I just had with two adorable mini me's tugging on each arm.  And even though I've been over the top busy with the Art Affair event I coordinated with my team, photo shoots, friends coming into town, and a little something something I'll reveal in my next blog post, to be able to just eat leftovers and flop into bed when I got home has been ridiculously refreshing and renewing.

Art Affair was on Wednesday, and though hauling bricks was a pain and I most likely will postpone any further installations that include bricks for a long while, it really got some wonderful reviews and I got to do one of my favorite things in the world...talk with my viewers.  Most art shows I've participated in, the set up is made for people to look at the art, ponder, and then move on.  This event, being each artist takes over a hotel room, was perfectly set up so that the viewer could come talk to the artist one on one.  And I loved it.


Oasis | Heather Woolery | 2017 | Mixed Media Installation

And though I may have been kid-free this week, I had my fur babies to contend with, including the newest edition...Ms. Emma...who is reminding me that house training is so dang hard!  We've got the kennel, the puppy treats, going out every couple hours, cutting her water after 9pm etc etc etc and it is still kicking my butt. So honestly call this my cry for help on this matter because I am so smitten with this little hound that I hate that I'm getting so frazzled over one thing.

This weekend I'll be check off some more on the 365/list and I can't wait to share (follow along tonight and all tomorrow on my Instagram account @heather_woolery if you want an inside scoop!)  But for now it's coffee, left over Easter candy I found and working on that something something I can't wait to share with all of you soon.

With Grace+Guts,


adam + sara / vancouver b.c. family session


Recently I took a trip to Vancouver B.C. unplanned and unbeknownst during Canada Day.  These four days were blissful, with perfect weather, amazing food, and perfecto company.  

Towards the end of my trip, I got to do a special photo session with this adorable and precious family.  Their not quite one year old son and I hit it off as he stole my heart (and the show).

We went down to Cleveland Dam first thing in the morning, with the sun high and that sweet little boy fresh with giggles we got to it.  I'd love to share with you every moment but that just isn't practical.

Adam + Sara thank you again for being open to the last minute suggestions, walking barefoot and all the sweetness and kindness you shared with me.

With Grace+Guts,


365/ week 31


I'll be straight with you, I absolutley cannot stand the phrase "for those who cannot do, teach."


When I first moved up North, one of my first jobs was being a daycare teacher at my daughters daycare.  But what ended up turning into was me being the art coordinator and organizing art projects for kids ages 2years old to 8 years old.  And what surprised me the most was how much I loved it.

Fast forward two years and I got a work study at the local gallery and ended up helping the art education director to get extra hours...once again loving it.  This turned into me helping her for the two summer camps two years in a row, starting an after school program called ASAP (After School Art Program) all the way to this week where I organized, planned and taught my first summer camp.

This would be the main reason of my MIA on Instagram and Facebook.  I've been exhausted in every way and yet so grateful to be up to my neck in creative endeavors.  Because I don't just teach, with me in current two shows (in Idaho and Oregon), booked every month photo sessions, coordinating art events, designing for million $$ clients and chugging that coffee, i'd say I'm living that hustling artist life.  Which takes me back to my first statement.  I really don't like that phrase about teachers.
- Teaching is HARD work
- You can't teach unless you actually "do"

Now to curl up and finish my 2nd book of the summer while eating leftovers..  If you haven't discovered Miranda July yet, she's a MUST.

With Grace+Guts


365/ week 30: full steam ahead


Here I am...30 weeks after graduation, swamped in laundry, birthday party to-do's for my son, art event wonderful madness praying somewhere in all of this I'll get to sleep in one day this summer and eat nothing but stoffers mac n' cheese.

But this past week has been a crazy ride.  I got back from B.C. Monday, drove down to Boise, ID Tuesday for the fourth with family, drove back on Wednesday back home and nose dived into work yesterday.  

I'm quite sure I'm about 98.9% coffee at this point.

Wednesday night at about 11:30, my little North Idaho town got two sets of tremors from Montana's 5.8 earthquake which caused me to not be able to sleep till way later then anyone who has to get up at 5:00 am should.  

But here I am chugging away coffee, chasing after the new puppy, organizing a huge art event, spending countless hours in the studio and folding laundry (as such happens when laundry has been neglected for over a week) and just overtly greatful for this trip, for the wonderful clients I have and for all the puppy kisses I'm getting swamped in.

I promise I'll get the 2nd session up and my trip to B.C. on the blog as soon as possible...but for now...It's full steam ahead to make 5-year old Car's birthday party dreams come true, catch up on laundry, and make like a crazy artist.

With Grace+Guts,


greta+cody / stanley park engagement session


When the lady who came to the rescue to make sure your own wedding was sheer bliss gets engaged…it doesn’t matter where on God’s green earth she lives…you get your butt there and you do an engagement session STAT.  Even if she, in fact, lives in another country.

This past Saturday, I was in Vancouver BC ironically and completely unplanned on Canada Day (it’s like the 4th of July…just waaay cooler!)  This was also the day that I met up with one of the bestest people that came into my life because of school and her fiancé at the most gorgeous “park” I’d ever seen.

Stanley Park is literally smack dab in the middle of North and South Vancouver BC as a island wedge of ocean, playgrounds, water parks for kids, the aquarium etc etc etc (I’ll make a post about my trip soon, I PROMISE!) But this was the place we all decided to meet at for this lovely session.

There was 90’s kids jokes, desperation for Mexican food (which just doesn’t exist in Vancouver!!??), hockey paraphernalia and a lot of smooching. 

I’m so thrilled for my lady and her man. 
The wedding might not be for a smidgen, but these photos sure make the heart grow fonder of these two and the life their building together.

So Cheers to Greta + Cody.

With Grace+Guts,


Greta+Cody | Stanley Park BC

365/ week 29: hello BC


Sometimes...you just need to get away to reconnect with everything...

Heather Woolery | Vancouver BC | Lynn Canyon Bridge | 2017

Heather Woolery | Vancouver BC | Lynn Canyon Bridge | 2017

Nope. Canada was not on my #365 list, but travel was.  Ice Land has been moved to next summer when I go to Europe to visit family and get Italy crossed off my bucket list.  This has left some room for other trips, including this very extended weekend to Vancouver BC with my mom + daughter. (I also have several photo sessions I'm doing while I'm here...but that's going to be saved for later...)

As our first official full day in BC we decided to brave both the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge and the Capilano suspension bridge.  There was live music, lots of laughter, bravery, inhaling all the good air...food...and treats.  Our Air Bn'B host is the absolute best and you can believe I will be recommending them to every single human I know who's planning a trip to Vancouver BC. And I have not died driving in a foreign country for the 2nd time...which I think deserves 10 points for Gryffindor.

Some peoples "thing" to relax and reconnect with themselves is sports, or scrapbooking or going for a walk.  All things I enjoy, but just getting in a car or plane or boat and just going somewhere for a couple day's is honestly, my thing.  Just 24-hours into this adventure and I feel like I can breathe where the past few months I've really felt like I was in a box.  A tight box.

For someone who's claustrophobic, tight boxes are not a good thing.  And this trip is just me busting that box to pieces.

OH! and while I'm away - our puppy is one major step closer to being offcially in our home and Monday we get to pick up our little Emma. So go right ahead and check that one off the list and say hello to our newest member of the familia.

So stay tuned for some photo session goodness, oh! and Happy Canada Eh!

With Grace+Guts,