taylor / haunting autumn maternity shoot


When there's a request for a maternity shoot and the words 'Halloween', 'Nightmare Before Christmas', and 'autumn' are used in a single sentence...I was having a hard time breathing.
If you know me, you'll know that these were magical words, and all things that I L O V E!!!

We met up in Lewiston, ID which is a valley...which means its a bowl...which means all the smoke from Oregon, Idaho and Montana have somehow all congregated there.  And where there are times I wish the smoke would just clear out as I miss fresh air like coffee in the morning after just waking up...the smoke translated in to hazy fog, washed out my golden light completely and we rolled with the punches. And what came out was some gypsy autumn photos that are so hauntingly gorgous I keep swooning over them!  

It is always the biggest complement when your clients immediately turn one of your photos as their profile photos and email you how much they love them. This session was defiantly up my alley and all I can say is THANK YOU Taylor for being one bomb BEAUTIFUL mama, being willing to hop on rocks, walk in the grasses, hide behind things, and even strip down into fabric I brought along!  And of course congratulations to you and your hubby!  You are such beautiful people, this baby boy is one lucky little guy!


you can see more family sessions below. i'm currently booking for 2017 holiday sessions now.

alyse / on top of CDA mini session


So being in the creative community circle, things and events and people start to over lap, and someone you know from somewhere knows someone else that you know from somewhere else or knows someone you'd just click with...it's sort of magical...sort of creepy lol.

This is what happened with Alyse, a friend of mine knew her and when I was asking if anyone wanted to meet up and do a mini session in Coeur d' Lane we got connected over instagram and once we met up it was non stop talking.  From odd things our husbands do, to surviving being an art student in college, we talked the whole way up Mineral Ridge.  Alyse is also a BOMB designer and typographer so if your in the market for some logo work she's your girl.

We made it to the top for the last of the glowy and hazy light which made the perfect light set up for this shoot. I'm so in love with each of these photos its sort of pathetic, but I ain't got shame!

Thank you lady for hiking in the pitch dark with me and meeting up with me for these!  


if your interested in Alyse's work, you can check her out on facebook + her website

365/ week 38


It's been a short week, and I've got zero complaints. At least a short week in the office.  The thing about being a creative is that I'm working on and off throughout any day.  So the long labor day weekend had me still doing a couple photoshoots, but I was blessed to have the whole family tribe and we went up to North Idaho to hike and play.  It was overly long over due for sure! This summer has been off, and we haven't had time as a family like we usually do.  So getting some camping time in made all of us happy little clams.


Between this little getaway, and a couple hard ma'ma lesson's this week, I've really been contemplating the hustle of our day to day and how we teach our kids to move move move like their in army camp.  Hurry up and wait kids, that's just life.

I don't know, it just doesn't sit well with me.

I know deadlines need to be met...my clients wouldn't be thrilled with me otherwise.  But there's got to be a balance of embracing the chaos, of learning to roll with the punches.  To teach my kids the joy of life, not the drudgery of work.

This is just ramble's of thoughts of a ma'ma trying to figure out this motherhood thing.

When I was in school, the kids saw me doing projects, and studying hard for tests, and now with both of them in school...they both treat it like their in college.  And in a way I'm like "YAASSSS! They will be hard working students" but then I also feel bad.  Because let's be honest, no five-year old needs to treat Kindergarten like a Junior in college.

On that note, I'm in Portland to shoot an amazing wedding despite the horrible Eagle Creek Fire and I'm ready to keep finding the balance between creative, working, and being a mama.  

Any other parents out there have this struggle? Or mastered it? I'd love to hear what works for your little mini-humans!

With Grace and Guts,



ray / hazy hike mini session


Lately my drive to keep taking photos and work in the creative space has been on fire, I can't stop, won't stop!  When I found out we were headed to the mountains for labor day I put out a call for a couple mini-session slots and Ray was one of the people who responded.  

It was a brief hike, and I had him climbing moss covered hills, hanging out in the grass and brush and fallen trees, hand in pocket, out of pocket, smile, don't smile...let's be honest, when it's a mini session the hustle is on because even though its not a full shoot I still want my client/model to feel AMAZING!

Through the thick haze and smoke from all the wild fires, we hiked Mineral Point outside of Sandpoint, ID and met at "golden hour" which I mean as "golden" as one can get with all the smoke, lol.  Ray was a trooper, easy to work with and seriously ladies...if you want his digits...just leave a comment below and I'll help a lady out ;)


365/ week 37: getting into the saddle


And just like that the freedom of summer ended as I sent off my two baby's to school (yes, I cried...I'm still crying...but proud happy tears I promise).  Thankfully, warmer day's haven't cut off so quickly and we've got some plans to take advantage of the longer weekend as a family.

This week I've spent countless hours in the studio, finally back to making with my hands again.  I also haven't put my camera down and even updated the website (have you noticed? what do you think?)

I'm going to start making/selling pre-sets for lightroom and letting you all download for free some of my doodles and creations for your desktops. So keep an eye out for those as they update. 

Someday's I feel like I suck and I'm failing and I need to just give up on all of this and then other day's I put on my favorite plaid, crank up the girl power tunes and bust butt.  But that's life, it comes in waves, it has up's and down's, and as long as there's coffee, I'm on board for the ride!

I hope you all have a wonderful longer weekend.

With Grace+Guts,



meg + mackenzie / u-pick flower fields haze


I am absolutely loving these best lady photo sessions!  There is nothing better then awesome ladies building each other up, and celebrating friendship with photos and laughter.

We met out at Stratton's U-Pick Flower's between Moscow, ID and Pullman, WA and spent a fire season hazing evening taking photos, laughing, picking flowers and me making them dance...like a lot lol.  But the photos only show a small spark for the joy and fire these ladies posses.

So thank you ladies for joining me for the evening!!! 
Here's to the end of the summer! Oh! And me catching up officially on my blog =)

With Grace+Guts,


emily + paige / summer prairie nights


Slow, warm summer nights, where the cicada's sing, and flittering sun rays dance off of your eyelashes making your skin glow and dewy.  These are just some of the things that make summer so blissful and wonderful.  These are also just some of the things that made this particular session such a wonderful thing.  I was so full of creative joy on the way home that I couldn't contain it.  I instead busted out a quick little video of the session because I was so jazzed.

I've photographed Emily a couple other times, and she's always such a ball of fireworks that ignites in front of the camera.  But this was the first time I got a chance to photograph her best lady, Paige, and putting these two amazing women out at sunset to one of my favorite spots was a match made in summer heaven.

Thank you ladies for dealing with the crazy requests, you both are beautiful inside and out, igniting the world with those wonderful souls!

With Grace+Guts,


caiti / woman on fire session

she wore a smile like a loaded gun
— atticus

You know those people that come into your life with such a blazing fire that it doesn't matter if their right next to you, across the world, you stay in touch or you haven't heard from them since you don't know when? That would be this lady. And I'm lucky to say I hear from her consistently as she's taken over as honorary sister, best friend, aunt to my kids and so much!

Recently, life decided it be fun to once again try to knock this incredible woman down.  And with life shattering events, this woman drank a heck load of coffee, brushed off and got back up stronger than ever, with a smile still radiating.

I couldn't help but take advantage of when she came for a quick 24-hr stay to document this woman and all of her fierceness. It's been over a month since this shoot, and I'm slowly trying to regain my blogging momentum...let's just say I'm so not ready for school for my kids to start next week, for warm days and long nights and I've put off every other aspect in my life to try to soak up as much of it as possible.

I love you Cait <3 You are the wine to my tea cup!
You are a force and rediculously fierce! Never forget!

And so it continues ( ; )

With Grace+Guts,

CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-1.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-2.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-25.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-34.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-43.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-10.jpg

365/ week 36: total eclipse of the heart


I'm sorry, I couldn't help the title, it was just called for!!!
And from the title I guess you can tell what the majority of this weeks post is going to be about!  But I think I'm allowed to seeing how I'm not sure if I'll ever get to see an eclipse at 100% totality again, let alone in my home state, Idaho <3

To make the day that much sweeter, it was my hub's birthday (I won't enter his age as he might murder me, but he is getting really close to that 3-0 and he's not happy about it, thats all I can say here lol)

Though he's been living & working in Oregon, we chose to meet in Idaho for the eclipse simply because we could also visit with family, as well as the unforeseen bonus by being in Idaho versus Oregon...we managed to surpass a lot of the cray cray crowds that we were seeing on the news.  We never found a gas station out of gas, and my cell phone worked just fine the whole day...so WAY TO GO USA for being prepared!

It was absolutely an out of this world experience.  The quick drop in temperature, the whoops and cheers from our fellow eclipse watchers, people getting hitched around us, and stars at 11:00 am with crickets chirping brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps on every inch of my skin.

To keep the birthday/eclipse day goodness going, I attempted making an eclipse espresso cheese cake for the hubs.  All I can say is it tasted better than it looked, lol.  I'm really not talented in the baking department, which is the main reason I've been putting off attempting to make chocolate souffle which is on the 365 list.  A little terrified I'm going to burn my house down.

And though the traffic was INTENSE trying to get back home between construction and eclipser's it was an honest good ending to a perfect day that I wouldn't trade for nothing.

But being back home, I've been working late nights in my studio for some upcoming shows, art competitions and a challenge.  As well as some personal stuff..though I'd much rather still be on the road.  But, that's the dream, and I'll just keep working towards it.

I hope you all had an amazing eclipse day this week!
Hallelujah it's Friday ya'll.

With Grace+Guts,


gemini mountain swimwear / a lady powered product shoot


There isn't a whole lot more that I love than some serious lady power and creativity!  In Missoula, MT my gurl, and fellow photographer, Rio introduced me to such a force.

Sam Alario is the founder and creator of Gemini Mountain Swimwear...bringing "femininity to functionality".  She creates all of her pieces by hand with quality materials with a passion for the environment and the landscape that surrounds her.

We were only out for a hour before the sun caved on us, when we then continued onward on the roof of Sam's house ranting with sheer gusto that only a bomb @$$ lady can do!

Make sure to check out her website, Gemini Mountain Swimwear and give Sam some love!  We've got to love our local makers and creatives, especially our lady powered ones!!!