The Grand Montvale Hotel

Let’s just take a quick moment for me to admit my obsession with Wes Anderson. At legitimately every shoot, I try to get one shot that’s Wes Anderson style like. Growing up in theater and going to plays, the 2D visually yet 3D immersive nature of Wes Anderson’s stories has captured me for YEARS! Fantastic Mr. Fox may or may not have been one of the first full-length movies I ever showed my kids.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can proceed.

Storytelling is everything to me. I love getting to know couples, find what makes them THEM and then just rolling with it. It can be just a couples or engagement session or a full-blown wedding, I’m going to do this. Why one may ask? Because. I don’t take it lightly that I’m granted the opportunity to come into a couples sacred space and be allowed to tell their story of that moment in their lives. I’m telling stories with my camera. Small little looks, the crooked nook in your smile when he looks at you, fingers intertwined. Are all elements to your story. And this is just the way that I operate.

And one day back in November(ish) I got this intrinsic need to create something so bombastically different than my clientele had ever seen before. Something that was so iconically me. What is iconically me? Well, I’m actually, though a proud introvert, am a huge goofy, whimsical and quirky person. There’s a subtleness to my crazy and colorful heart. And what better way to share this than with the creamy pinks, royal purples and pops of red of Wes Anderson’s sensational, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I put together an inspiration board and shared it with numerous vendors until I had found the right person for each little itty bitty piece I was envisioning.

And finally, on the first Saturday of February, it all came together.
The result…my soul has been on cloud nine since.

The team that helped make this come together with such beautiful nods to Wes Anderson’s film was all and more that I could have asked for. I’m so over the moon with the photographs and home you all enjoy them as well.

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HUGE shoutout to the AMAZINGLY creative and imaginative vendors who made this all come together! If your planning a wedding with some fun quirky twists, go and hire this team of BA women killing it!

An Intimate Joshua Tree Elopement


I was in Germany last September visiting family when I got an email from this bride saying that in less than a month she and her man were eloping in Joshua Tree. They had been trying to get married for a while and life just kept happening, causing them to just not be able to tie the knot. I had little to none of my stuff with me that I typically send brides nor was I able to just call them up and talk with them as I was on vacation, but I just knew in my gut I had to help capture this elopement for them. We built an email relationship quickly and two weeks after landing back in the States I was flying out to run a 48-hour marathon. A marathon of wake up, fly out to California, photograph this amazing elopement and then fly out the very next morning. And it was every bit worth it.

From the moment I drove up to their venue I was greeted by the sweetest humans who just kept making me feel so welcome and a part of the celebration through the whole night. After the sweetest ceremony I’ve ever been a part of where the brides grandparents officiated, I snuck these two off into the park to take bridals which included honks of congratulations from other park visitors, some sisterly love and finding the perfect Joshua Tree to take photos with.

When we got back to the venue for the reception, the bride, grandma and the rest of the family helped set up the dessert table while the groom, an incredible chef out of Bend, Oregon helped set up the most magical array of drinks and set up the taco bar (this couple had Manchego cheese and a taco bar…it was like they knew my soul!) Not to mention I had my own spot at the table. The toasts had me wrecked, as each sweet friend and family member rose to toast this couple whom I’d only met less than 24-hours ago and whom I was so in love with and moved by. And after the coyotee visitor who wanted to join in the taco festivities left and the cake was cut I went back to my hotel with my heart so full. It was the best way to end the 2018 wedding season and I’m still to this day so humbled that my bride and groom not only trusted me to come out and capturing this magical day but also made me feel so welcome and apart of everything.

Here is some of the highlights that had me blown away from this magical intimate Joshua Tree Elopement:

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A North Idaho Lookout Elopement


Last September we had it all planned.

I had made a schedule for everyone, researched, checked google maps three (possibly four times) all to make sure that we would all arrive at the same spot, at the same with ample amount of time to hike into the lookout and have time all before we had to hike back so we wernt’t walking in the dark.

So I drove up Sunday where we had all planned to meet at the parking lot at 12. After stopping to grab lunch and gas up the car, according to my Google maps it said I’d be 5-10 minutes late, not bad. Following the google instructions it took me down a road that is in no way maintained, taking my new RAV4 on an Indiana Jones excursion. When I finally made it down this ridiculous road I was now a solid hour late, and I started to panic. I had been the one begging everyone to be on time. This is what we like to call karma.

Google then tells me now (now when I’m good and far away for any sort of service) to turn left. This road it want’s me to turn on looked better then what I had just gotten off of so that’s what I did...I turned left.
2-minutes into me turning left Google cheerfully announces that I’ve made my destination. My destination being...Google had brought me to a river, and across that river is the mountain where the Lookout good job Google yeah you got me “there” but really, you didn’t! This is why you need to check to google maps FIVE times, and print out the instructions and map like we used to do with Map Quest (does anyone else remember Map Quest? Yeah those were the good ol’ days!)

So up and down my RAV4 went on this out of service road as I tried to figure out how on I’m gonna get there. Miracle by miracle, on one of my up and downs, I ended up going down enough and finding the road number I’d jotted down after calling the ranger a week ago who had told me to pop it into Google and it be straight forward!!!! Yeah, that ranger LIED.

So at about 2.5 hours late and I’m finally heading in the right direction when the florists drives towards me, rolls her window down and asks “do you have jumper cables?!” Yeah, I was showing up 2.5 hours late and we needed to jump the event planners car! So 3-hours behind schedule with all cars fixed and all the vendors there, we quickly grabbed our packs and we were on the trail. A 3-mile hike in which the ranger had said is straight forward and simple, which she must have meant “its straight UP the dang mountain, so you better do some mountainer training before you go on that thing”. Let’s just say, Heather got a wake up call and realized she needs to be working out more often because my gluteus grew vocal cords in those 3-miles in started screaming obscenities at me!

But let me end this long drawn out story on a good note. When all of us came over the ridge we knew all of those struggles and mishaps were 110% worth it! In the presence of 360 views of the Bitterroot Wilderness we made magic happen. I was once again reminded how beautiful my state is (really, I’m not going to stop yelling from the roof tops how magical Idaho is) and how truly #communityovercompetition is the most amazing thing.

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Planning a Nontraditional Wedding

Let’s talk weddings. Over the few years I’ve been in this industry, I have found that there are some trends, traditions and reception songs that are on the repeat. Baby’s Breath, The Shuffle Slide, Barns, Grey Suits.
And if that’s your aesthetic, thats AMAZING! But let’s take a little walk on the unique and quirky side together shall we?

Let’s take ten-minutes and have you write out on the nearest old receipt I know you’ve shoved somewhere in your purse………..I’ll wait…………now that you’ve got that, take the next few moments to write down you and your fiancé’s favorite songs, movies, books, food, colors, phrases you say ALL THE DAMN TIME. What do you normally wear? Heels or boots? Hats or your hair up? Do either of you (or both of you) wear glasses?


One of my 2018 couples dancing their first dance to “Hooked On A Feeling” by Blue Swede

Now that you have that list…look at it. Have you thought about adding those phrases you say to one another to your invitations? Or how about rocking your glasses instead of going blind 90% of your own wedding? Did you write down McDonalds or fried chicken under favorite food? Did you write Dreams by the Cranberries or Thriller by Micheal Jackson for favorite songs to jam out to? Take a moment and think about including these quirky, slightly untraditional elements which make up your relationship, into your wedding? Would it be so bad that your first dance isn’t danced to something slow and romantic but jamming out having a good time on the dance floor? Would there truly be riots if you served McDonalds at your wedding? Truth is, probably not. Unless your invited the Queen of England (which I mean who knows if she wouldn’t get down to Thriller or eat a Big Mac) chances are, loosening up the reins a little to your wedding could make the day a whole lot less stressful for everyone and in turn would be a day you could look back on and remember as “that was us.”

A 2018 bride included her dogs in her wedding as the “ring bearer” and “flower girl” during the ceremony.

A 2018 bride included her dogs in her wedding as the “ring bearer” and “flower girl” during the ceremony.

Now I get it, there are some traditions you just can’t let go of. And that’s perfectly okay. In my own wedding I still did the something new, something borrowed, something old, and something blue. I had new perfume, borrowed a bouche pin that my Opa had given my mom which we attached to my bouquet, I wore an old pearl necklace my dad had given me years ago on a trip to Florida and then had my now husbands grandmother embroider in blue thread our wedding date onto the inside of my dress. However, at that time in my life s’mores were one of my all time favorite things and so we also provided a s’mores bar and coffee during the reception for desert. There was a balance between the traditional and the not quit. But it ended up making our wedding day a little bit more about “us” and who we were at that time in our lives.

Image by ShutterKey Photography

Image by ShutterKey Photography

This day is about you and your fiancé finally getting to say “I Do” amongst those closest to you. It’s not a time to impress anyone. If your extroverted, there’s nothing wrong with throwing one hell of a bash. If your introverted, there’s nothing wrong with having a smaller and quiet gathering. It’ss your effing day.

CK Wed_Details-27.jpg
CK Wed_Details-25.jpg

2018 wedding where they served some of their favorite desert entrée’s created by various family members

If your heart is still set on Baby’s Breath and a barn because that’s just you and your fiancé, GO FOR IT! However, if your thinking you mite like to add a little more “you” into the planning of your wedding and don’t know where to go to find some inspiration I’ve added some of my favorite websites and magazines that can help you go in the right direction.

Rock n Roll Bride: This magazine and blog is the creme dela creme resource for the alternative bride

Off Beat Bride: I love their tagline of “Alter Your Thinking” (lets take a moment to appreciate that pun too shall we?) But their website and blog as well as Instagram is pure inspirational.

Hello May: This Australian based magazine and blog is sumptuous and fun all at the same time. They’re a perfect blend of traditional and alternative.

Pinterest: I feel like you may be saying “DUH” here but hear me out, Pinterest is the equivalent to the photo google. You can create several Pinterest boards of inspirations. Plan three different weddings without spending a penny before locking down which direction you want to go. Also, don’t think about just searching for “wedding” based looks. If one of your favorite movies is Dirty Dancing, add some photos of a watermelon and white KEDS to your pin board. It doesn’t all have to be bridal to be inspiring.

one of my 2018 couples who included these furry sweet guys to their bridals session

one of my 2018 couples who included these furry sweet guys to their bridals session

I’m all for the quirky and whimsical weddings and elopements. If you need more inspiration or are looking for a photographer to document your special day, send me a message! I’m more than happy to be a resource or to talk to you about me capturing your day. Just shoot me a message.

For Photographers: Top 8-Apps I Use To Run My Business

top apps -1.jpg

Let’s be honest:

Instagram and social media as a whole has complete done a 360 in the last couple of years!

With the introduction of Instagram stories and our phones becoming more and more like mini portable computers, I have found myself relying on a series of apps that really make my daily use SO MUCH EASIER. And I wanted to share eight of the top apps I use on my phone to run my business. Let’s get to it shall we?


Okay, as frustrating as that algorithm can be, let’s all agree that InstaStories and IGTV is pretty Also there is just something so visually appealing about those perfectly curated 9-squares. So here are some of my top app’s I’ve found to make my IG experience just THAT much better


UNUM: I am such a visual person (wow a photographer a visual person, who’d have thought lol) but because I am a visual person having a daily planner for my IG feed has been a GAME CHANGER! There are multiple platforms and I’ve tried several. UNUM has been the best fit for myself personally. As well as being able to plan out my feed, add captions and hashtags, the app also gives me great stats on my Instagram account such as best times to post, best hashtags to post and the ability to see what posts have been doing the best. The other great option is Planoly.

UNFOLD: Let’s talk about the best app to come out to up the IG story game tenfold! If you’ve not already downloaded this app…you need to do this stat. And just invest in all of the packets while you at it. Unfold has cleaned up my IG story game and really made it so much easer to put ad’s and announcements together. Where I once was using InDesign and Illustrator to make my IG story content which took FOREVER and heaven forbid if I got the dimensions wrong, not takes less than a couple of minutes to make my IG story content look amazing.


WORD SWAG: One of my FAVORITE courses I ever took in college was typography. Beautiful font faces make everything better! I mean you have seen bad billboards or newspaper ads and you KNOW if they had a better font face their message would be so much more elevated. And the same goes for your IG stories! I love to put my images into Unfold and then throw it quickly into Word Swag to polish everything up. I use it on a daily bases, even if it’s just for my personal IG story posts because it makes everything always look polished and put together. Consider Word Swag the cherry onto of your IG story sundae.


I will be the first to admit that I don’t always want to cart my DLSR around to take quick IG Story photos, or hey I’m at a café and they’ve just made the most beautiful lattè art I’ve seen and I want to just take a quick photo but I don’t have my beloved Nikon on me. I’ve got a cure for that. Here are my top apps for taking and editing photos straight from my iPhone without ever picking up my DSLR or opening up my laptop.

Moment app.jpg

MOMENT: This is one of the newer apps to my daily use but I’ve found myself relying on this app several times (especially in the mom-tographer realm.) I’m not sure what voodoo magic this app contains but open it up instead of your regular camera on your phone and be introduced to a magical land. This app allows you to take RAWS, control your ISO, shutter speed and so much more making you iPhone photos just THAT MUCH MORE!

VSCO: This was literally the first app I ever downloaded when I became a photographer and I’ve just invested into everything this app has to offer because it’s just that good. And where I know 90% of you will already have this app on your phone, I couldn’t write this blog post without mention it. VSCO is the best bar none filter/preset/photo editing app out there. I’ve used Color Story and a few others and always find myself coming back to VSCO because of the depth and richness that the app provides for all my images.


Lightroom Mobil: I run my business via the whole Adobe Cloud Suite as I design all of my printed goods, website and edit all of my photos (yes, I don’t outsource anything in my business.) And, over 2018 I learned the magical ways of Lightroom Mobil. It took me a bit to get use to it, but I loved being able to use my custom presets right on my phone, it was a HUGE game changer to keep my photos, even quick mobil ones, consistent in how they are edited. Plus, now that I’ve mastered the WI-FI on my Nikon, it’s great to be able to upload photos straight from my DSLR onto my phone and throw them into Lightroom without ever opening my laptop.


Now there is a lot that goes into my business to make it run, but there are two apps that stand above the rest that really make a daily difference.


Quickbooks: This app has literally changed my life. Hands down! This app captures all of my driving and milage and makes it SUPER simple at the end of the day to pick and choose which trips were for business and which were for personal use. Meaning that when tax season comes around it connects straight to TurboTax and that’s a BIG DEAL! Just two years ago I was swimming is gas receipts and driving logs trying to remember and calculate all of my driving I was doing for my business. There’s a bunch of perks to owning quickbooks and because I’m SO PASSIONATE about programs that make a real difference in our lives, if you click here and get 50% off your first year using Quickbooks.

Pinterest: Yes this app is more then where to go to figure out what your going to make for dinner tonight. I’ve set up my business account on the app so that when I’m in the bathroom (let’s be real we all do it!) or when I’m waiting in line at the grocery store I can browse and pin things that I think would be helpful to my clients or even myself for upcoming shoots. By doing this, I have doubles my Pinterest viewings in 3-months. Also having your business Pinterest attached to your phone, means you can make quick Pinterest add’s in a heart beat. And anything that makes my life a little easier, I’m all on board


And those are my top eight apps I use to run my business. Are there other apps that make running your business easier? Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments.

With Grace+Guts,

For Photographers: Bridal Packet

During this off season I knew I wanted to take advantage of the “down time” to give a lot of my attention and focus to things that had been put on the back burner while wedding season was in full swing.
One of those things was creating a branded bridal packet for all of my brides and grooms that book me. My love language is small gestures and gifts and so I thought what better way then to put together a little something to brighten my couples mailboxes as well as helpful while planning their unique and special day.

Inside I ended up including a copy of my favorite bridal magazine, Wedventure, a mock timeline and a card with my preferred vendors that I designed, my booking guide and my business card. I then found these hand stitched folders made with the most sumptuous black paper to hold all the paper goods together. And then finished it off with these adorable “better together” pennants that I had to have (my office wall is a living testament to my love for vintage pennants, so it’s a little piece of me I get to share with my clients.)

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Hey fellow photographers, Click below for more inspiration and hype to help you in your business.

For Clients: Four Things To Do Right When You Get Your Photos


So you’ve gotten the link to your gallery from your photographer and in your excitement I can bet you’ll do one of two things (because I have done both…repeatedly!)

Either, you scroll through the gallery and instantly a few of them stick out so you’ll download those ones immediately and post them all over Facebook. Four-months later you’ve decided to download the rest of the photos but the gallery has been taken down (forgetting your gallery would expire after 3-months)


You’ll download your whole gallery straight onto your laptop, or even an external hard drive but then something happens and all of a sudden your files are corrupt and you can’t pull your photos up. All you have left are the lo-res Facebook photos you posted.

I have seen this happen more frequently than not, AND I have done both of these things myself…more than once.

As a photographer it is always my goal to give my clients a memorable experience. However, once I’ve delivered the gallery - my job is sort of - well - over. This is why I decided to put together a short list of things I’ve learned over the years to insure the life of your photos that you invested in.


1) Download All The Photos Right Away

Once you’ve gotten the gallery, make sure to not just pick and choose a couple of your favorites, but to download all of the images right away. This will insure that none of them are left behind or forgotten.

Devon and Matt-27.jpg

2) Back Up, And Back Up Again

Now that you’ve downloaded all the images, make sure to back them up and then back them up again. Whenever I’m working on a clients gallery I make sure to back up the photos on two external hard drives and onto a cloud service as well. This is what I always suggest to my clients.


3) Let Your Photographer Know

Let your photographer know right away if you have any issues downloading your images, and also let them know what you thing. Trust me, your photographer has spent loads of time making sure your gallery is the upmost best. So letting them know you’ve gotten the gallery and what you think will bring a huge sense of peace to your photographer…and good karma to come your way.


4) Print Your Photos

I have boxes of photographs stored away from my relatives and those boxes mean the world to me. They tell me story of where I come from and how I got to where I am today. As progressive as technology is (I mean does anyone else remember floppy disks or is that just aging myself?) I highly suggest printing your photos. No matter what happens to GoogleDrive or an external hard drive, you’ll have your tangible memories in your hands (and hopefully all over your home to!)

You’ve gone as far as investing in capturing your memories with a professional photographer, so make sure to take it one step (or four) further to insure the life of your memories. And if your looking for a great place to print your images; I always print my memories HERE.


Cheer's 2018

The one thing I cannot get over is how much 2018 was about growth and becoming. I traveled to four different countries and seven states to capture births, weddings, couples, elopements, graduations, engagements, and families. Each time my camera came out of the bag I learned and gained…but the biggest thing I gained was relationships. I worked with the most amazing vendors, magazines and clients who all became so close to my heart there have been times throughout this year where I thought my heart was going to burst.
So here’s to all of you wonderful souls and places that made my 2018 so magical and inspiring. And here’s to the new year and all that is yet to come.

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John and Kat's Sawtooth Destination Wedding

I was born and raised in Southern Idaho. Weekend trips to Stanley and Ketchum just sort of “came with the package”. And to be frank, I wasn’t complaining. The Sawtooth mountain range is one of those hidden Idaho gems that will literally take your breath away. So when Kat and John sent me an inquiry telling me there location was set in Stanley underneath those magical mountains I was literally butt hopping on my bed with my laptop.

On an October day where Stanley had 80% chance of snow and it was just downright cold, everyone curled up in their puffer coats and wool blankets to witness these two bomb fisheries scientists say “I Do”. From their personal vows to dancing to Hooked On A Feeling for their first dance, I was either misty eyed from their words to tears pouring down my face from joy and laughter.

Congratulations Kat and John, thank you for letting me be apart of your amazing day (and for some of the best cheesecake EVER!)

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want to

see more weddings?

Jared and Kassie's Woodsy Washington Wedding

When a wedding is center focused on family, you can’t help but feel the love throughout the whole day. I met Jared and Kassie in April when I did their engagement session at one of my favorite gardens in Spokane, Washington and was moved by their honest deep love for one another then. But it didn’t prepare me at all for how their wedding would cause me to go misty eyed more then once.

Every little detail was to celebrate their love for one another and their family - both those who could and couldn’t be there. Friends and family alike traveled from all over the States to come celebrate Jared and Kassie saying “I Do” in the NE Washington on a stunning property lined with tree’s on the river. (also this was my second wedding this year that had a flash mob of the Macarena so I can’t complain!)

Congratulations to Jared and Kassie on their marriage, and thank you once again for allowing me to be apart of your stunning day.

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Want to see more weddings?

North Idaho Wilderness Camp Wedding | Kooskia, Idaho

CT Wedding_Bridals-7.jpg

I love when couples make their wedding unique to them and who they are. From picking a location close to their heart, handmade cakes, table decor collected from various shops, beer from the brewery they work at, and of course filled with their closest friends and family. These are the weddings that never leave me heart, simply because the couple puts their whole heart into the day. And this was how Cody and Tylers wedding was this September.

They reserved a campground and filled with with BBQ and beer from a brewery Tyler works at, the tables were decorated with the brides vintage camera collection and I cried at their first look and during all the toasts. I am always a lover of details, and this sweet wedding was full of them from the groom’s Sasquatch socks to celebrate the North Idaho heritage to the table with Minnesota and North Idaho details to bring love to both the bride and grooms homelands.

Here’s just a few highlights from Cody and Tylers North Idaho Wilderness Camp Wedding.

CT Wedding_getting ready-5.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-16.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-18.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-29.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-14.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-27.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-30.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-32.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridal Party-1.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridal Party-6.jpg
CT Wedding_Wedding Party-13.jpg
CT Wedding_Wedding Party-32.jpg
CT Wedding_details-7.jpg
CT Wedding_Details-20.jpg
CT Wedding_Details-22.jpg
CT Wedding_details-2.jpg
CT Wedding_First Look-1.jpg
CT Wedding_First Look-4.jpg
CT Wedding_First Look-6.jpg
CT Wedding_First Look-14.jpg
CT Wedding_First Look-16.jpg
CT Wedding_First Look-17.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-12.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-19.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-22.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-28.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-31.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-32.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-33.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-35.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-49.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-54.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-55.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-56.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-57.jpg
CT Wedding_bridals-5.jpg
CT Wedding_bridals-6.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-26.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-27.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-7.jpg
CT Wedding_bridals-1.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-15.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-40.jpg
CT Wedding_Reception-6.jpg
CT Wedding_reception-3.jpg
CT Wedding_Reception-13.jpg
CT Wedding_Reception-24.jpg
CT Wedding_Reception-35.jpg
CT Wedding_Reception-45.jpg
CT Wedding_Reception-56.jpg
CT Wedding_Reception-58.jpg
CT Wedding_Reception-64.jpg
CT Wedding_dancing-2.jpg
CT Wedding_dancing-8.jpg
CT Wedding_dancing-28.jpg
CT Wedding_dancing-80.jpg
CT Wedding_dancing-87.jpg


Hi! I’m Heather. I’m an adventurous elopement photographer & traveler based in Idaho that travels national and worldwide to help couples like you capture your unforgettable wedding experience and telling your story that is completely yours for generations.

Finding the right wedding photographer is sort of like going on a first date. Let me help make planning and capturing your special day with no regrets.


Glacier National Park Boho Elopement


I will never tire of couples who love to hike into their session, or go running into a lake with a bottle of champaign. Glacier National Park NEVER disappoints (I mean NEVER! As in, this was taken during a horrible forest fire) and when I was asked to be apart of this special day I almost did one of those heel clicking deals in the air…almost being I can’t do them even though I was a theatre kid my whole childhood (shame, I know, I know). No matter what hurdle came flying at us, we just kept rolling with the punches and by the time we were all done, and I’d poured myself into bed, my heart was so dang full I struggled to breathe.

It’s hard to say which part was my favorite. From the chocolate stout cake to the florals on the brides hat…all of it was just sheer perfection, iconically the couple and 100% worth it. That being said, So brides getting married somewhere a little more “out there” just know there’s a slew of vendors who are willing and ready to help make your “I Do’s” as epic as you’ve got envisioned.


Photography: Heather Woolery Photography & Creative | @coffeewithheather

Event Planning/Design: Greater Good Events | @greatergood_events

Dress Shop: Storm Cellar | @thestormcellarmoscow

Bride’s Boots: Frye | @thefryecompany

Bride’s Hat: Gigi Pip | @gigipip

Grooms Suite: H & M | @hm

Florals: The Wild Blume | @thewildblume

Venue: Glacier National Park

Jewelry: Bess Blakey Design | @bessblakeydesign

Neck Scarf: Madewell | @madewell


Ashlee + Dugar | Couples Session at the U-Pick Flower Farm


It’s no secret I LOVE my couples. I love them for exactly who they are when they come into a session. Even when one of them is just not going to kiss his girl in front of a camera. Why? How doesn’t this frustrate me? Because, it’s my job to capture my couple for who they are. These are their memories that I so humbly get to capture.

I got to meet Ashley (though I swear she’s Heidi Klum’s doppelgänger) and Dugar out at a local U-Pick flower garden. I played music while I had them piggy-back ride and run around all over the place. There was a little raspberry picking and a tiny bit of smooching (but for the smooching to happen I had to make dirty deals that I wouldn’t share um’ so I’m sticking to my word! lol)

We played out there till the sun began to drop low into the Palouse Hills all golden for the autumn harvest and just had a freaking blast. These two shared how they met, and I simply am always a sucker for blind dates that work out. So here’s just a few of my favorites from Ashlee and Dugar’s couples session earlier this summer.


Want to see more couples sessions?
Check out the gallery.

Ciarah and Kramer | Coeur d'Alene, ID Wedding

CK Wed_Bridals-8.jpg

I can’t help but love that feeling when I show up to a bride and grooms venue and one of them see’s me and it’s just instant hugs. I really cherish my couple and I’s relationships and it just is that “yeah let’s do this thing!” sort of feeling when I walk into a venue and feel that warm greeting. And nothing less happened when I showed up to the Blackwell house in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for Ciarah and Kramers wedding.

I was instantly greeted by Ciarah and then given a grand tour of this incredible venue (which I may steal the stair case and the honeycomb tile in the bathroom one of these day’s when I figure out how lol)

There were so many sweet details to capture, from Ciarah’s gorgeous gown from Anthropology to the simple yet statement bridal bouquet all the way down to the hand stitched ring pillow Ciarah’s mom made for her and Kramer (insert heartfelt tears here please.)

The day was filled with sisterly love, excited nieces, aunt’s dancing on the dance floor, cookie dough bites that were to die for and one very happy Goldendoodle named Ollie who’s mom and dad got married. The love in this wedding was everywhere on this perfect summer day and I couldn’t have been more blessed to be able to be apart of it.

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CK Wed_Bridals-29.jpg

Congratulations Ciarah and Kramer! And thank you for letting me be apart of your special day.

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Coastal Elopement, Arch Cape, Oregon

Beachwalk greendress-9.jpg

My love for the Oregon coast is life long. I grew up a days drive from is cold brisk waters and towering rock formations and spent many weekends there as a child growing up. I even wrote and got a piece published on my childhood spending time on that coast line. My husband proposed to me there. It was where my son affirmed his love for water. It is a place that holds a million of my memories.

So any time any shoot, wedding, elopement, or engagement session involves the coast, there's just a sense of place and home and a little bit of magic there for me.  And this shoot with Mike and Lily was nothing short of magical.  When the coastal fog plays in your favor, all you can do is frolic like a small school girl who's out for the summer and then refocus to take advantage of it. 

Beachwalk greendress-2.jpg
Beachwalk Greendress-33.jpg
Beachwalk Greendress-35.jpg
Beachwalk Greendress-53.jpg

Rahmeen + Kara, Oregon River Bridals



It's no secret that my love for the state of Oregon is extensive and passionate. I love that state for every corner of it's terrain, for all that it is. It's valley's, fields, mountains, rivers, forests and of course ocean, all have my heart on a whole special level.

This last week I've been in Oregon for various photoshoots as well as my five-year anniversary with my husbabe and I've got so much I want to share with you it's insane. But I'm going to start with this shoot I did along the Molalla River in Oregon.

Kara and Rahmeen were the sweetest couple! They were down for all the crazy ideas I had, even when it required scaling and hiking in full bridal garb. (I love my adventurous couples with everything I am!) This session was defiantly the peak of what an Adventure Bridals session looks like with me: lots of laughs, lots of hiking, jumping, kissing, walking through grass/brush, all for the sake of showing your love for the outdoors or a place and your love for one another.

Here's just a few of my favorites from Rahmeen and Kara's Molalla River Adventure Bridals.

kararahmeenfinals-99 copy.jpg

If you'd like to book an adventure bridals session with me, I'd love to hear from you and hear where you want to take you photos at. Just hit the button and let's connect!

Lance + Kylee's Uniontown, WA Dog Filled Wedding


When the first time your going to meet your bride and groom is on the day of their wedding, sometimes it can be a little nerve wracking - because - well, I invest so much of my heart and soul into each of my couples and I want them to have a wonderful experience. But from the moment I got out of my car, I was embraced with so much love and kindness.

The bride was Disney's Princess Aurora in the flesh. From her loose curl up-do, straight down to her heart which is so devoted to loving all creatures, including her two fur babies.
It seemed as if the invitation was not just made out to their relatives and friends but to all the owners dogs as well, as I had a hard time taking a photo without a fur baby in it somewhere...which let's be honest...isn't a bad problem to have!

They served BBQ and Mac and Cheese (let me get an Amen!), the DJ conspired with the grooms mother and played The Macarena getting both the bride and groom to dance, and little kids ran up and down the field hills while the adults drank, talked and loved on the sweet couple!

This was probably the best way I could have kicked off the 2018 wedding season, and I feel so honored and blessed to have been able to celebrate Kylee and Lance's I Do's. So here's a little sneak peek at their sweet wedding out in the Uniontown Washington countryside on the groom's folks' working wheat and pea farm.


Amanda's Sprit Lake, Idaho Bridals


Where are all my ladies at?

Something I truly regret from my own wedding was I hated my engagements and I never even thought of taking photos of just me. Juuuussst me being me...all dressed up in the worlds most perfect dress for me that I'll most likely never wear again. I think our photographer delivered two photos of just me and to this day it's something I wish I had more of.

Ladies! It's your freaking wedding! You've been stressing out planning and designing and putting together every little detail to make sure your wedding goes the way you have it envisioned in your head. But maybe take a couple moments to just take a few breathers and focus on you. (Of course the amazing groom who's swept you off your feet and now after popping a question and you saying yes has had you running around like a headless chicken) but you.

What elements of your wedding, of you do you want to shine, want to remember, want to capture?


I met with the designer/planner from Wildwood Design at a friend of a friends Spirit Lake Cabin in Spirit Lake, Idaho where we put together something we'd like to call "an Idaho brides dream oasis". For 90-minutes we captured this incredible woman in her honest raw beauty against one of the most incredible backdrops I've yet to work at. It was an autumn paradise in the middle of July with hints of heirloom fur, leather boots, wool hats and pumpkin spice donut holes.

Autumn doesn't have to be pumpkins and orange leaves. Bridals don't need to be stressful or on the day of your wedding. When your getting married the sky is the limit and even then I think theres some leeway. 

When your getting married, let you and who you and your soon to be spouse are be the inspiration for how you approach your wedding. Big or small, court house or outdoors, whatever feels like you...go with that...and I promise it'll make you a whole lot happier in the end.


Getting married in Idaho? Check out these amazing vendors who helped make this photo session so special.

Photography: Heather Woolery Photography + Creative
Event Design/Planning: Wildwood Design
Dress: Cloud Nine Bridals CDA
Hat: Gigi Pip
Shoes: Steve Madden 
Drinks/Catering: Whiskey Barrel Cider Co.
Paper Suite: Amanda Scott Creative
Florals: Fleurtations Floral
Desert Table: Flours In My Hair


Abi + Cole Bridals on a North Idaho Alpaca Farm


Something that came to my attention a while back is that Idaho (where I was born, raised and still live) has always been one of "those" know what I mean? Like, everyone drives through it to get to Seattle or Portland or Salt Lake City and that's about it. 

And not to blow to cover that it seems Idaho has been holding onto...but Idaho is really an incredible state. We've got everything from sage brush deserts, prairies, mountains, all the rivers one could hope for and dang all of the local businesses that make up this state really are some of the best I've ever been too...and I've been a lot of places.

So yeah, I'm pretty enamored with my home state. So, I can't explain how elated I was when everything came together for me to take Abi and Cole's bridals on a local alpaca farm a mere 15-minutes from my house!!! Every vendor and creative that was apart of this was all local based, which made my little heart soar because HELLO! Idaho brides need to see these vendors!!!

From the moment Cole saw Abi for the first time all dressed up in her dress, I knew this was going to be an amazing shoot. I literally could go on and on about my love for everyone who came together for this...but I'm going to leave it here and share some of these photos from their bridals.

Congratualtions Cole + Abi on your recent wedding! All the love!

With Grace+Guts,



The AMAZING Idaho/Palouse based vendors who I would recommend to any bride/groom are as follows:

Photography/Videography: Heather Woolery Photography + Creative
IG: @coffeewithheather

Venue: Stirling Ridge Farm
IG: @stirlingridgealpacas

Event Design + Planning: Wildwood Event Design + Coordination
IG: @wildwoodpnw

Florals: Swallowtail Flowers
IG: @swallowtail_flowers

Makeup Artist: Britt Lee Nelson
IG: @brittleeeeeee

Paper Goods/Calligraphy: Ardent Design Co.

Place Settings: Smith Clay
IG: @ksmith.clay

Bakery/Cake: Goose House Bakery
IG: @goosehousebakery

Rentals: Bully For You Colfax
IG: @bullyforyoucolfax

Jewelry: Grey Jays
IG: @greyjays_


Gather + Bloom Workshop: Florida


Back at the beginning of May, I took a 4-day trip to Clearwater, Florida for some much needed creative soul food. I had "met" Maddie who ran the Gather + Bloom workshop only through Instagram and I had been fangirl-ing over her work for awhile (yes photographers end up falling in love with other photographers work because HELLO there are SO MANY AMAZING CREATIVES OUT THERE!!!!) And I was super excited to work alongside her and learn from her.

Something I've come to learn about myself is I love working with other vendors and creatives. Whither it's workshops, styled shoots or even real weddings/elopements - getting to work with other florists, HAMU, planners, dress shops etc brings me so much joy. Community brings me so much joy!

So workshops are just my element because I'm surrounded by several boss babes, creatives and vendors with the common goal of making some camera magic happen. And hey, some Florida sun was not about to be denied.

What I loved about this workshop was that it WAS individual based, meaning, no matter where each creative was in their career they got one on one with each of the instructors and got to learn from them. But then we also all got to work with one another and learn from each other as well (which I always feel like is missing from workshops because they jam pack them so full that you don't get time to learn and hangout with the other attendees.) 

I'm so grateful I went, and man, I can't wait to meet back up with each of these ladies and work with them in the future. Here's just some of the magic that happened while I was in Florida for Gather + Bloom.


Gather + Bloom Workshop Vendors

makeup: Destiny and Light and Ashlee Ann Makeup
hair: Rachel Raber
dress: Lulus and Nell and Rose
florals: Flowers by Shelby Glynn
planner: Taylor Falcon Events