Spokane Doesn't Suck


Time has flown and i've had zero time to post about the Create Spokane show or other on going events, so here's a "catch up" blog post.  (Trust me if I could add a plate of cookies to this apology post I totally would.)

Back at the first of October I took a mini trip over to Spokane Washington to set up 12 of my prints at Express Employment.  Let me take this moment to say that this place was so incredible, quirky and sensational.  There was every inch covered in the employee's travels, not to mention the owner in his previous life was an elephant trainer!  I mean seriously, this place couldn't have been cooler.

The day was beautiful, and once the prints were hung, I had a couple hours to explore Spokane with the fam before it was time for me to be back on site with my prints.  There is so much to do here in this city, but I always have my MUST GO TO spots.  My kids love the huge red wagon slide and it happens to be across the street from my "go-to" coffee house, Atticus, so it's a win win.  I love that there always so much going on, the Chines Lantern Festival, Jurassic Quest, a Renaissance Fair and so many other delicacies were going on this weekend - let's just say my family and I had a blast.

So I have this odd guilty pleasure of taking headless selfies in elevators if they have a mirror in it.  Its like my obsession with taking photos of my feet or if my dinner is super yummy.  If you'd look in my phones photos, I'm sure 50% of my photos would be of these three things (the other half of course of my adorable children!)  But how wonderful is the cardigan?  It was a find a year or so ago on Modcloth, and my love for ornithology was fulfilled in classic adorable and comfiness. 

While at my show, so many artists were displaying their work and the artistic energy in this city was so sensational.  That though I enjoyed my show and talking to people and getting to know the owner and his employees more, as soon as I was done showing my work, it was off to walk around the city to explore more art.  (And honestly who's kids under 6 complain about getting to stay up past bedtime to go to art shows and eat finger food?)
It was such a blessing - and this blessing get's to continue onward.  Someone saw my work and now I will be continuing to show in Spokane my photographs!  So stay tuned for the details and if your in the area - make sure to stop by and say hi!  It always makes the night more sensational when people I love come and say hello.

So, as of right now, I'm preparing for my trip to Guatemala in December, and editing photos like a mofo for other upcoming shows.  I can't wait to share more with all of you!
And on that note; if you Instagram; you can follow my daily adventures that don't end up on the website or blog @heather_woolery!!!!  So go explore, share, and repeat!

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