November 1st. 2015 Adventure | Cedar Grove | Idaho

Our intended adventure with purpose goal today was in the CDA National Forest in the Panhandle of Northern Idaho...the Cedar Grove.  Where there is supposed to be huge and beautiful cedars (my favorite tree!) that are to be older then when ol' Columbus came to other words EPIC!  However, though the website said it was OPEN, once we finally got there, we got bright orange CLOSED signs. =(  Due to close fire lines and it being November 1st (i.e. off season) we weren't getting our car past the gates.

However, we decided to make the 4+ hour drive worth more then a good view from the window.  We parked the car outside of the gates, bundled up (yes including my 3 and 6-year old) and we went a walking in the rain (though for our walk it never went past a drizzle) and managed to find milky white mushrooms, brisk creeks overflowing from the rain, multiple different tree's for my kids to identify and according to my son...dinosaur tracks! 

It was a much needed day trip to get me out of the cabin fever styled funk I've been in and this place quickly got put on the "come back to explore come May 2016" list.

Followers Do Note:  More pictures to come of the misty mountains, a car in the side of the road and foliage to die for.

You can check out more about Settlers Grove HERE.

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