Frost Bitten | University of Idaho Arboretum | Nov. 29.015

We got back from our Thanksgiving shenanigans last night to find that the whole town of Moscow has been frosted over.  Glistening and gleaming ice dripping off of everything.  Instantly I knew I had to get out this morning and take advantage of this glorious backdrop in my own backyard.  Thank goodness for kiddos and hubbies who make amazing built-in subjects for a portrait shoot.

We all only lasted a good 45-minutes before all four of us couldn't feel our fingers.  But it was completely worth it, not to mention I had thought ahead and had hot coco in thermoses waiting for us back at our car to warm finger tips and souls right back up.  The frost had covered everything and within the 45-minutes I'd taken over 200-pictures (so sorry but I won't post all of them for good reason.)

Not to mention, I have hundreds of pictures more to edit from the Thanksgiving week (so keep a weather eye on the horizon for those), but I was so inspired by this morning I had to get these up.  In the past year my family and I have done so much, and have been through more up's and down's like no one could believe.  But to be submersed in a frozen paradise so still and wonderful, lost in my children laughter, the joy my son found in a stick (you can see in his pictures), the bliss my daughter found loosing herself in the frost, the honest love - help - devotion I got from my patient husband allowed me into fill my lungs and soul with the good stuff.

There is something so powerful, so encouraging to a mother to watch her kids explore.  Over the summer we've taken the kids on their first fishing trip, multiple camping trips and dozens of hikes.  They've learned skills, watched ants demolish a tree, threw rocks at raging rivers and chased water skippers.  They attempted going to the bathroom in the woods and mastered the perfect s'more.

This year has been so wonderfully filled to the brim with adventures, up's and down's, and lots and lots of love.  I consider myself incredibly blessed to have lived all of these adventures with these hooligans that make each day a wonderful day to have lived.  And though I'm terrified of what is to come in 2016 I am also so incredibly excited and I am embracing this beautiful wintery season and putting all my hopes and lucky stars into 2016.

On one final note for this entry, if you want wonderful winter wonderland photos contact me.  The holiday card season is here, and I can help design beautiful Christmas cards, photo gifts and capture this beautiful time of year,  Hope you all have had a lovely Thanksgiving and are blissfully entering into the Christmas season.

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