Palouse Prairie K-Class Adventure Day | Rock Wall Climbing | U of I

Let me just start off that between finals, moving home bases and the holidays that life has felt like just BLAH!!!! And I absolutely dislike that feeling!  But instead of cramming for a monster of a final this morning, I went with my daughter and her kindergarten class's Adventure Day, where the kiddos got to get their first taste of rock climbing at the University of Idaho's 55'-wall!

I'm so glad I skipped out on study-sessions to help these kiddos, watch my daughter be so BA and get to shoot some photos I usually don't get to take.  I love kids, hence me being an Art Teacher and mom, and getting to take pictures of them in their element being their honest selves - GAH was so fulfilling.

Hanging out with kids always brings out an honesty and childish look at life, and man it was seriously what I needed.  Sometimes while I'm in school or lost in the whirl of life I have a tendency to forget that shutting down the laptop to head out and just get my adventure on is what this whole little life is all about.  So thank you Palouse Prairie Kindergarten class!!!  Your amazing!!!

I absolutely love living here in the PNW, and I absolutely love that my daughter got into such a BA school that encourages exploration, team work, adventure, grit and authenticity!  This is what's missing from our schools anymore!  Kids need to be allowed to be kids, to grow, explore and to be.  To learn what it means to work together, trust and help one another.

“Be someone who makes someone feel like somebody...”

So since it's Friday  the weekends here friends.  So if you've got kids, no kids, friends, family or solo go and grab that weekend and make it something that clears your soul and opens you up the way adventure does.

&& remember:
With Grace & Guts, you can climb that mt.

Palouse Prairie School
U of I Rock Wall

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