Fifty Is Your New Beginning

About two-years ago my mama said she wanted to go hiking with me for her fiftieth birthday, without hesitation I jumped on this moment with excitement.  I was raised in a travel everywhere family, had a shitty week - well okay let's hop in the car and go to the coast 6HOURSAWAY!  This was the mindset I was raised with and I love that it's stayed in my blood, however, camping/hiking/backpacking etc. has not been my folk's cup-of-coffee so for my mama to open up made my little heart swell with joy.

Now two years later here we are with bags packed and me cleaning out the car and trying to make the worlds most bomb-diggity playlist to rock to on the eight-hour drive up to the beautiful Banff National Park in El. Canada.  Our location and trails have changed drastically over the past two-years but when it came down to it, we both had never explored Canada while living forever in the beautiful Idaho (so stinking close!) and when I came across images of Banff on (yes, guilty pleasure) Pintrest I was a goner and sold like a house.

My mom has expressed as it got closer to our departure date her nervousness and worries on bears, rain, hurting, all the walking required, sleeping in the cold etc and I'm so excited to share with her what a syndicate the world outside of suburbia and societies white picket fences can be.  She's also been a wreck about turning fifty.

For fifty years my mama has been such a lantern of strength, love, kindness and hope to so many people other then me.  For me she was the white pillar that showed me what living a life as a woman full of pride and strength meant, how to be beautiful from the soul outward and to just laugh off the crappy days (after a good cry and chocolate of course.)  I'm so excited for what the next fifty-years will bring this incredible woman I get to call my mama!

Over the next couple of weeks look for posts on our adventures, what I packed - what worked and didn't. Adventure and create on my friends.  Namaste.

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