To Have + To Hold: even on rainy days

It is a rare treat that I get to go see my closest friend for the weekend, but its an even rarer treat that I get to take photos of the adopted sister in my life, not to mention, her engagement shots. (right here is where emojis on my blog would be really helpful)

I left for the Wallowa's in Oregon (a 3-hr drive from where I live in Idaho) at 6:30 am on Saturday to go spend the whole day taking photos of my friend, Caiti, and her sweet fiancé, Kevin.  

I know when our nearest and dearest begin a new relationship, we have a tendency to be skeptical, because hey, we know how fantastic of a homo sapien our friend is, but does this new intruder?  But it quite literally took me less then 24-hours when I first met Kevin to know my best lady was with the best she had ever had. 

Caiti + Keven | Red Horse Coffee | Joseph, OR 2016 | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Caiti + Keven | Red Horse Coffee | Joseph, OR 2016 | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Caiti + Keven | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Caiti + Keven | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

We had planned for this full day of photo's 6-weeks in advance, and had no idea that we had picked that to-be coldest, rainiest and windiest day yet of the year.  The night before had brought the Wallowa's 90mph wind gusts and ended up causing the town's Enterprise and Joseph to sort of resemble a town that had been malled by a bear or hit by a nuke.  But my drive the next day was calm, and the roads were clear, and I was hopeful that we had missed the storm.
I was wrong.

About an hour or so after I got there, the rain and the wind started in like crazy.  Now granted everywhere in the PNW and the Inland Northwest is accepting the rain with happiness as we rain dance outside with the lack of rain we've had all year, but on the day of this shoot, I at first was less then thrilled.

And even though I am unsure
about most things in life,

I am certain that I love you
and will continue to love you forever.

There was unpreventable raindrops on my lens thanks to the wind whipping the rain around in all directions, the Wallowa mountains I had been dreaming about being in the background were covered by fog and clouds and every mountain scene would have been impossible due to the hike through the storm be a bit on the "not so safe" side.  But, what I learned on Saturday, was that I didn't need killer sunsets, or beautiful Oregon Mountain's to make these photos shine, I had the sweetest most kindest couple in my presence.

So we spent the day wandering around the State Park, grabbing coffee at her coffee house (the best in the PNW, Red Horse Coffee), and out by the lake before grabbing some groceries and hanging inside their adorable little abode for the rest of the evening.  I couldn't help but feel happily emotional and joyful as I watched these two talk about what they should wear for the next set of photos, what to cook, "that one time...." stories.  Ugh!  It was so wonderful, and I feel so blessed that I got to capture it on film.

To you Caiti + Kevin, congratulations on your engagement, and happy wedding planning.  All my love to the both of you <3

With Grace+Guts,

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