Some of my Favorite Things: Autumn 2016 Edition

It seems with the turning of each season, we have a need to make changes in our life as well. Changing out the closet, a new nail color, some new music, even some new decor for the abode. All of these are our intrinsical internal calendar telling us to keep moving forward.

Up North its been getting colder and the leaves have been changing colors for the past couple of weeks, with each night dipping a little cooler then the night before.


This has lead to snuggly sweaters while I'm in the studio, wool blankets while curled up reading a book, lots of candles and some new arranging of things in my home.  Not to mention bringing out the Autumn/Halloween box to my children's delight.

In our home we always leave the door open for change.  Sometimes it's good for the soul to lay a different blanket on the couch, change the center piece on the dinning table or buy a new candle.  The world outside is changing with every season, so it only seems

fitting that we do the same.
Below I've listed some of the things I've been loving with the change of seasons.  As you've read in previous posts, I've been holding onto summer with vigor, yet, once the leaves changes, so did my heart and I am happily coming to terms with the cooler weather and adorable knitted everything.

This adorable vintage home
This nude nail color (Grey Suade) by Revlon
This new album by Drew Holcomb + The Neighbors
This read by photographer Sally Mann
• Get your Netflix on with all thats coming Here
• Updated my Pinterest board full of Fall/Winter outfit inspiration
This round up of coffee + tea mugs on Etsy
• Wool blankets for chilly nights like This and This one.
• Loving the Tre Sol coffee blend from Red Horse Coffee Traders. Order Here.
• Ceramic glaze inspiration Here and Here.

With Grace+Guts,