Goldilocks + the Three Bears: Halloween 16

Our past 72-hours have been filled with back to back.  From my huge art show (blog post on this to come!), Bug's Wonder Woman Party (see previous post), and then Halloween.  Our tiny abode has been filled with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and lots of friends.  Not to mention all the wonderful food, memories, hours of lego play and coloring, laughter and luckily enough mostly sunshine!  It's been busy, but oh so good!  With Halloween here, I can finally release our family's Halloween get-up this year...besides the Skywalker family a few years ago...this might be my absolute favorite we've done as a family!  So much character and simple goodness.  Not to mention, Papa bear in a bow tie <3 <3 <3

To finish off the Hallows Eve, we baked monster cookies with lots of eyeballs for the Halloween party at my kids school and found us some pumpkins to carve.  I'll be posting more photos on my Instagram (here) so follow along!

What is your family going out tonight as?

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