Closet Revival.

You know that feeling when you find a website or a clothing line that just makes you swoon?  You know that even greater feeling when that website has a great sale and you can actually buy something?  I recently stumbled upon such a site, but even when there isn't a sale I can buy something.

With the changing of the seasons (and me getting my "big girl" designing job), I was looking to update my closet.  Enter on the scene ThredUp.
ThredUp makes it so that I can afford brands and designers I usually am not normally able to.  I'm a huge fan of brands such as J. Crew, Anthropology and Madewell.  The quality and styles have attracted me for a long time, and ThredUp makes it easy for me to update my wardrobe with brands I truly LOVE without a credit card bill at the end of the month that I hate. 

Shop Madewell styles on ThredUp  HERE

Shop Madewell styles on ThredUp HERE

Getting a ThredUp box is truly a special experience, and every time I receive one in the mail it brightens my day.  The carefully wrapped box, each clothing piece folded so neat and adorned with little tags letting me know that the clothes I've just received have been given love and care before being shipped to my closets front door.  

I love shopping on because it is super easy.  I can search by brands, and toggle what sizes or colors I want.  Where in a consignment shop or 2nd-hand store I feel like I have to spend a lot of time to look through everything to find something of quality, ThredUp makes it quick and easy.  And to make it even easier, they have an easy to use app that allows you to browse and purchase on the go.

Something I'm also always looking for besides quality and a good price, is reuse.  I'm all about recycling and reusing.  ThredUp makes this easy with the textile industry being the second largest water polluter after agriculture - buying used means you're not contributing to this industry.  By the end of 2015, ThredUp had up-cycled 14,009,005 items!  Thats a lot of "waste" not going into landfills.

So let's break it down:
I purchased the beautiful white lace top by Madewell, the soft knitted grey cardi by Pout and a grey wool turtleneck by The Limited.  

The Madewell top I can pair with cozy sweaters all fall and winter as well as with more holiday like skirts for family holiday gatherings.  Not to mention the possibilities in the Spring and Summer.  When the temperatures go dropping, I love buying one or two new sweaters or cardi's because it allows me to spruce up the closet without buying a whole lot.  The turtleneck has this nice little detail down the back of buttons and with it being a short-sleeve cut I can pair it with a blazer or sweater without it bunching or getting too warm.  All of this came to $45- (when the Madewell top original sale price was $60-).

ThredUp has everything from bags and shoes to outerwear for both women and kids sizes.  And don't forget to checkout a favorite spot of mine called "The Basement".  Where there are items that need a little extra love, but it's all funky and you can find some really cool buys.

I love shopping second hand first, so ThredUp and I are collaborating together so that you can try it out for yourself. Just follow both ThredUp and me on Instagram, then click HERE and use the code: WOMENS50 to get 50% off!!!

With Grace+Guts,