A Moment with Artifact Uprising

Back in August I started my final semester of college, and I was up against one of my biggest concerns...writing and printing my thesis.  This was something I wanted to be beautiful, have a warm feeling and have quality.  My thesis tackled the idea of home vs. house and you can view the body of work, Within Itself, I created in correlation with my thesis HERE.

I got bids from other printers, and they were well into the triple digits for two copies (I wanted to keep one for myself of course).  And then one night while scrolling through my Instagram feed Artifact Uprising had a post about their photo books...and my light bulb struck.  I e-mailed them just to make sure that something that text heavy was going to be okay...they e-mailed me within 24-hours overly excited about the project. 


I just got it in the mail this past weekend, and I couldn't be happier.  Just goes to show, thinking outside of the box really can pay off.