grey hair, oatmeal cookies, some oldies + lots of love

Today is a special day;

Today is the day 74-years ago that a corner stone, a best friend, my daddy was born.  In my small life he has taught me so much.  From making the worlds best oatmeal cookies, how to distinguish bird calls, not to catch a lizard by it's tale, my dad was there at my side teaching me.  He would always drive me to my piano lessons in his old mint green rusted out Ford listening to the oldies station (far too loud for my child ears) but it didn't matter, I was sitting in the back jamming out right along with him.  He's been one of my biggest cheerleaders, putting faith where I didn't even have it.  Whither it was a phone call, money, coffee, a date to Game World, or going and chewing someone dad has been the one I've called when there's a leaky faucet, when my dog got bit by a snake, I've had building questions or just want to talk books and politics.

When I was six, my dad danced with me to "My Girl" by the Temptations, my tiny feet on his work boots, clumsily side stepping side to side.  When I was twenty-three, my dad dance with me to the same song at my wedding.

When I had kids, he instantly went into crazy, incredible Opa mode.

When my husband was deployed, he was the one to help me with my kids, house problems, car problems...on and on.

This list goes on forever.  So over all, Happy Happy Birthday daddy!  Here's a playlist, to bring back memories and to bring the celebrate to your day.

But!  Today isn't just my daddy's birthday...

Today my parents celebrate their anniversary for over 30-years these two have been loving each other grossing me out, loving me unconditionally and been corner stones + role models for me in every aspect.

Happy Geriatric Grey-Hair Day

So Happy Happy Birthday Daddy + Happy Happy Anniversary to my beautiful, sensational parents.  
I'm sad I'm not there with you today but know I love love you!

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