summer line up...but move

Wow it's a been a bit since I've bad!  

Between finals, my kiddo's schedules and that glorious aspect of life I've simply just felt like a ring master or a hindu goddess with all the arms juggling.  So lets grab a cup of coffee or tea and bunker down to play catch up shall we?

After attending thatPNWmeet at Cannon Beach in OR so much has started to fall into place photo+artist wise.  From designing book covers for fabulous authors, freelance photo work from some incredible people and companies (to be announced later) and then I was asked to start represent the sensational work of Lace+Brick design (link HERE) and Hunt|West Kids Clothing ( link HERE).

I was also able to start to pin point a flurry of adventures for the summer, which include finally getting to go back "home" to Germany to see family and the beautiful landscape that holds my childhood.  (I've got so many surprises for ya'll on that trip in July, it's So Damn Hard to keep shhh!!!) But I will wait because no one likes a spoiler.

But before I can head dive into hiking, camping, airplanes and meeting glorious people, I have to move (boo!)  But the house we've been in sold, so the past 30-odd days I've been scramble eggs trying to solve the problems of life that got thrown at me, and after so much heart ache I am pleased to announce:

- I will not be homeless, I found a beautiful place for my family to live
- The summer adventures will start in June (let the count down begin)
- I made it into a couple more shows, the first at a Pop Up Show (link HERE)
and finally...
the past few years my work as a writer, photographer, artist, traveler and adventure junky has not only improved leaps and bounds but it's taken me places I never dreamed (um...Guatemala!) and allowed me to meet and connect with people...a universal language.  so I am taking that leap...

- officially launching myself as a:

Personal PR/Brand Rep • Freelance Photographer/Journalist * Event Planner

I'm already booking clients for this summer and fall 2016 (!!!) So let me quickly insert here:

1. Holy Wow! I feel blessed (thank you to everyone already!!!)
2. If your interested in any of this exciting goodness message me here on my website or on Facebook (link HERE) or on Instagram (link HERE) for inquires! 

This is all so exciting for me...but now...I have to finish packing so I can get moved into my new shiny studio (that totally has a window this time...SCORE!)

With Grace + Guts Lovely's.