2-Weeks in Germany: Packing Edition pt. 3/3

And we are at the end of the count down > insert a handful of happy and bouncy emojis here <
In the first of this 3-part blog series I talked to you about packing my Osprey pack for my trip to Germany while leaving room to spare.
The second part we covered carry-on conundrums when it comes to being a parent, gear junking (all my camera gear) and also needing necessities such as laptop, a book, etc.
Now finally, in part three we will cover airport attire and last minute airport/traveling tips.

Part Three

Airport + Travel Attire:
I am always about two key things when it comes to my attire when flying:
1. comfort
2. versatility
And when I'm mom-ing it at the airport:
3. pockets

Ya'll may laugh at me, however, as a parent, pockets are my best friend.  So much so I purchased my wedding dress on the spot the moment I found out it had pockets (greatest thing EVER!) 

So my two go-to outfits while flying are:
1. Hoodie, Leggings, Tank Top, Sandals
2. Hoodie, Comfy (old) jeans, Tank Top and Sandals

I say old/comfy jeans simply because, jeans are a lot like boots...if you just jump into wearing them without breaking them in...a couple hours into your gutsy but overall dumb decision you'll be in pain and/or ridiculously uncomfortable.

My go-to pair is a skinny cut pair I purchased from American Eagle a couple of years ago. Though, having a belt to content with while going through customs can be frustrating at points, it's only a one-and-done ordeal and then your on your way in the airport.

For my trip to Germany, I have a 4-hour flight then an 11.5-hour flight and even though I'm planning on sleeping as much as I can to compensate for the almost 9-hour time difference, I'm sticking with the old comfy jeans and a favorite love...Pons.

Airport Outfit | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Airport Outfit | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Things to Remember:

  • Chapstick + Lotion - airplane air dries your skin out quickly, especially on long flights.  But    
                                      remember TSA requirements.
  • Scarf - this is great for using as a blanket on the plane + it spruces up any outfit after a long flight
  • Documentation - if your traveling with kids, its good to have a copy of their birth certificates, and                                   any other documentation you might need.  Write out SSN's out like a
                                      phone number on a post-it note tucked away.  Having this at the ready can
                                      help speed up any issue as you go through customs.
  • Bring (empty) Water Bottle - Most airports have water bottle re-fill stations which saves you a
                                      bunch of money.  Make sure it's empty, TSA won't like you very much if you
                                      try to bring water through customs.  
                                      We're huge fans of Nalgene and Klean Kanteen.
  • Headphones - this needs no explaining, yet somehow I always forget this and end up having to
                                     use the not-so-great free pairs they have on the plane.
  • Socks+Underwear - If your feet get cold while sitting long hours on the plane and the other; for
                                     the pray-it-doesn't-happen occasion your bag is lost, stolen or on a different
  • Simple Jewelry - I have always loved simple jewelry that add's a bit of sparkle but isn't heavy or
                                     a TSA concern.  I recently found Lace|Brick Designs from Alberta Canada,
                                     and I've been swooning ever since I found this shop. ANND if you use the
                                     code 'ilovelocal' you guys can get 10% off your whole purchase  from
                                     Lace Brick Design.
Lace Brick Design  | All Right's Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Lace Brick Design | All Right's Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

So now my friends it is time to end this post, take a shower, have some tea, make sure all my t's are crossed and i's are dotted before I sleep.

In the AM I will be flying to my motherland and I cannot wait to share with all of you about my adventures, explorations and tid-bit's when I get back.  However, if you don't want to wait, follow me on my Instagram  @heather_woolery  and watch the adventure unfold from take off to hiking the alps.  

With Grace+Guts,