2-Weeks in Germany: Packing Edition pt.1

The first time I boarded a plane and left for Germany I was 18-months old.  And where I don't remember that trip to say the least, it did however, set me up for a life long love of flying, travel, adventure and language language language.

Since that first excursion overseas, that I'm sure I slept through the majority of, I flew back to Germany on repeat growing up, and even went to school there for a bit.

As you've all been made aware, I am once again hopping on a plane (both kids n' all) and we're flying out to Germany to meet family, stuff our faces happily and immerse my kids in the culture that is their heritage and holds the majority of my childhood.

In the spirit of capturing every moment and turning this blog black, yellow and red for a couple weeks, I've decided to share what I'm packing and how I'm packing my Osprey pack for two-weeks (pt. 1), how I pack my carry-on (pt. 2), and then finally last minute travel products to save your life + the best airport/travel outfits (pt.3)
So lets begin, shall we?

Part 1.

Last summer the husband purchased me this wonderful Osprey Pack (Aura AG 65) after a horrible experience with a non.fitting pack on our section hike on the PCT.  This pack has been a savior in Canada, Guatemala, and however many hiking and backpacking trips I've trekked with it since I got it.  It's form fitting and one AMAZING pack for women.  I recommend Osprey to anyone in search of a new pack.

As a mom, having my hands free while traveling is a must not just a luxury, so using the pack as my checked bag is the best option.  However, I have no desire to pack the bag to the rim.  Since I'm also in charge of two other little humans bags (which their only taking carry-on's), the less weight in my pack the better.

I also want to leave room for my finds while overseas so at the end there's a good 8" from the top down once I'm all packed in.  So here's what I packed...

What you see here is:
• 2-pairs of shoes.  Think comfort.  I'll be wearing my Chaco's in the airport which will give me 3
                                shoe options, all cute, all comfy.
• 1-dress. Think versatile.  It's got a cute cut out on the back so it's perfect for evening wear, but
                                is full length (mom approved yet hip) and I can throw on a sweater or change
                                what shoes I wear with it for whatever look I'm going for and wherever I'm
                                venturing to.
• 2-jackets. Think weather.  I've got a rain coat and then a more general cuter jacket to throw
                                over just about any outfit I combine from all of these clothes.  I'm be wearing
                                my hoodie in the airport for optimal comfort and to not pack the bulk in my
• 1-sweater. Think bulk.  I don't want to pack a ton of sweaters as it's July so it'll be in the mid-
                                70's f, and sweaters means bulk, which is a travelers worst enemy.  I picked
                                this cream colored one so that I can throw it over any of my tops, tuck it into
                                skirts or jeans etc.
• 1-button up chambray. Think layers.  This shirt is also on that versatile list.  I can wear it un-
                                buttoned with a tank or t-shirt underneath, solo with leggings, tucked into
                                jeans and skirts etc.  
• 2-under tanks. Think solid colors.  Here is where you don't want your pop of colors, but instead
                                want neutral colors so you can wear it underneath shirts for layering/warmth,
                                as well as just a shirt as it with just a hoodie etc.  They also work well as light
                                weight night shirts.
• 1-swim sute.  Think modesty.  I'm traveling to a total different culture as well as a mom.  Tourists
                                get a bad rep simply because they'll come into a foreign country and just
                                for-go learning the new culture by flaunting their ways around.  I also have a
                                son who's hands instantly grab and pull down.  I have flashed plenty of people
                                due to this.  So I found this adorable but modest 2-piece at  American Eagle
                                which also screams retro with the high waisted bottoms, which is always a win
                                in my book.
• 3-shirts + 3-T's.  Think all of the above, versatile, comfy, modest, and weather appropriate.  I
                                stuck with favorite colors of mine because I knew I would then be happier
                                my outfit options and actually want to wear what I brought along...because
                                when your on the road, you cannot afford a "I have nothing to wear" moment.
• 3-bottoms. Which equaled out to 1-pair of black (neutral) jeans, 1-flowy skirt (that has pockets...
                                total mom win) and is also neutral, and 1-pair of shorts.  I'll be wearing my
                                jeans in the airport so that I can have pockets, warmth and comfort.
• 1-pair of PJ's.  I love leggings and long johns for sleeping options.  Especially while traveling
                                simply because it can become another bottom option for day wear as well as
                                it truly keeps me warm.
• Not pictured: exercise shorts, clothes I'll wear on the flight, utilities bag.

Now comes time to pack so think SPACE.  I will roll and stuff stuff into my shoes, layer tank tops on top of each other before I roll them up.  I also am a strong believer in ironing as much as I can because that flatness really to affect the space in your pack, plus it gets your clothes ready-to-wear out of your pack as well.

What I want you all to notice here is how empty my pack looks at the top, this is that room I was talking about earlier.  Note I haven't cinched up my pack just yet as I'll throw in my hair straightener and other small last minute gizmo's before boarding the plane, but having this sort of space will allow me to have a lighter pack + ultimately give me room for things I find while on my travels or of course, something my kids want to bring along.

So that's what I'm bringing, stay tuned for part 2 when I cover my carry-on...kids gear and camera gear in tow.

With Grace+Guts,


clothing pictured above:
rain jacket - marmot / cargo jacket - old navy / pocket skirt - gap / shorts - maurices / leggings - unknown / black jeans - old navy / striped t-shirt - madewell / green t-shirt - old navy / red t-shirt - american eagle / swim suit - american eagle / sweater - don't ask why by american eagle / booties - mod cloth / sneakers - new balance / red maxi dress - old navy / under tanks - old navy / sleep leggings - american eagle / chambray top - old navy / cosmetics bag - north face / pack - osprey / green top - old navy / blue and white striped top - old navy / yellow top - unknown