2-Weeks in Germany: Packing Edition Pt. 2/3

In my last post, I covered how I'll be packing my Osprey pack for the two weeks in Germany with the essentials, while having room to spare.  Today I want to share with you how as a mom, photographer and book nerd have my carry-on packed all in my JanSport backpack (hatchet edition).

First off, I love this backpack.  I found it at REI on sale a few years ago and since then it's been my go to for school, carry-on and day trips, this bag has been perfect for me and I want to share how I'm pack and what I'm taking along.

Do note that each of my kids have a small backpack of their own that hold all their activities.

- JanSport Backpack
- Sunglasses (will be wearing regular glasses)
- Clutch to hold chargers/cords
- 1 reading book
- 1 Journal book
- 1 Phrase/language guide
- 1 Sketchbook
- Passport(s)
- Wallet
Camera Gear/Electronics:
- GoPro/Hard Case (other parts are packed in checked bag)
- Nikon Camera
- 2 lenses that are versatile
- Laptop
- Converter ( maker sure it's got surge protection)
- Camera Charger
- Scarf (can spruce up outfit after long flight + switch into blanket on flight)
- Pull-ups / wipes (this clip clutch by Huggies is amazing)
- Hygiene bag.  This holds a couple band-aids, lotion, hand sanitizer, tissues, children's + adult
                           Tylenol etc. 

I chose a small paperback book just in case this book nerd get's a chance to read while the kids sleep or are sucked into one of the movies I have on my laptop.  I also really love this small Moleskine notebooks as my journals when I travel, their small, light weight and sturdy.  Not to mention the paper is beautiful.  Even though I speak German, I have a family who doesn't, and it's been awhile since I've spoken German to people...since I'm rusty I'm bringing a small compactable phrase book. 

I have this old vintage leather clutch that fits my laptops charger, iPod and phone charger and my converter.  I like having all of these things with me so I can charge any of my necessities in the airport and just in case of a loss bag, I'm not SOL with my laptop/phone etc. 

I'm sort of a blind one, so I caved and bought prescription sunnies this spring from Warby Parker and I've been so happy since I've gotten them.  I always keep a cleaning cloth in the case and just swap each pair for whatever one I'm not wearing.

And finally, just keep TSA requirements in mind.  Size of bag, how many fluids, sharp objects etc.
You can check HERE if you have any questions or concerns.

Not pictured: my water bottle, a couple snacks, my phone.

So there you have it.  I have all my gear, my needs, and some kid necessities all in a small backpack.  Stay tuned for part.3 (outfits and last minute airport tips) And then it's off to Europe my friends. 

With Grace+Guts,

Backpack - JanSport / Sunglasses - Warby Parker / Laptop - Mac / GoPro4 - Go Pro / Camera/Gear - Nikon / Sketchbook - Moleskine / Journal - Moleskine / Passport Case / Etsy