Motherhood: Adventure Lessons

In the past week and a half, has it only really begun to feel like "summer" around our house.
Between moving, and unpacking, a handful of art events that stole 100% of my attention and the getting ready/coming back from Germany deal...there simply has just not been any time to sunbathe in the backyard, or hang at the pool a couple times.

Man I hate this.

I hate this, not only in the regards as a human being with the wanderer's soul but as mother as well. I only get 17-18 summers with each of them to really..."impact" them, and here I was spending their summer on unloading boxes and dealing with artists.

So with school looming a week a head I decided two things:
1. I was gonna make the most of these last few days with my kids.  I mean these are gonna be the summery-ist day's you've ever seen!

2. Summer doesn't technically end the day school starts.  It's not like Monday classes start, and Tuesday it starts snowing.  Though, yes, living in the PNW you never quite know this FOR SURE.  But it's a pretty safe bet to say the least.  So with it being a safe bet, have decided that I am extending summer.  Kids will go to classes and I will get work done...however...September and October weekends have been booked to the max of things that this summer was robbed off.

Now, I don't plan on playing 100% catch-up.  There's plenty of things that we usually do, or wanted to do that are just going to have to wait for next year.  But that being said, here is the first Motherhood: Adventure Lesson: always keep planning.

Maybe it's because I'm just a traveler by nature, but if I stay in my house for too long...I go...I wouldn't say cabin fever, Steven King on anyone...but I am not my best self to say the least.  I know plenty of moms where going shopping, or a nail date seals the deal for them and they recharged and ready for the next week.
But for me, it's a cup of coffee on my porch or by the window when there's school and work to contend with and then adventuring the rest.  And I won't lie that it's nice to get a weekend at home here and there to mow the law, and say hi to neighbors, I always am planning the next horizon line to cross.

And this past weekend, just the two kids and me went on our first ever, just the three of us, full on adventure.  There were some hiccups, I won't lie, but overall it was amazing enough that we're continuing with our planned adventure this upcoming weekend.  What I want to point out here is the second Motherhood Adventure Lesson: It doesn't have to be long or expensive.

Our weekend adventure was just on Sunday.  I got up really early, packed the car, filled snack cups with cheerios and grabbed a couple Go-Gurts and a cup of fresh fruit for their breakfast on the road.  Plopped them in the car in their jammies (with the actual clothes in the car) and we were off.  We didn't even eat out, which with kids can be the most expensive part.  I just packed a pick-nick for lunch and then we were home for dinner time.

So here it is: Our day-trip to Palouse Falls and then watching the sunset off of Palouse Ridge.
{I will post more Adventure Lesson's after this weekend}

With Grace+Guts,


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