Germany: photo journal edition

Well dear friends,
I'm home.

I've been back stateside officially one week today; and yet I cannot grapple into words this trip, not just yet.

I believe what my problem is, is me simply trying condense 14-day's of my life that were 15-years over due in to 1-small singular blog post.  1 letter to you all.  1 letter about Germany, about the concept and ideals of home, about travel, about having family oversea's.  1 letter to condense moments, jokes, memories, places traced on a map.


So I guess I'll start off with this; firstly please be prepared (and forgive me) for a handful of posts about this trip.  My heart is so full, my inner self so ignited from this trip, that I feel inclined and humbled to do my best and give those 14-day's a form of justice, and 1-small notation on the trip seems unfit.  And secondly, these photographs.  I took over 2000+ shots on this trips, filled numerous SD cards, that I am sure I will never get to all of them.  However, I love each and every one of them. Focused, unfocused and blurry.  Iconic style, insignificant.  I love them all, as true in all photography, you have captured a moment, fleeting in time.  Like your napkin, lofted up into the air, never to be retrieved again.

So I give you sweet friends, just a few of my moments, a handful of napkins.
Germany in Photographs: Pt. 1