Infectious Smiles.

As of today it's been a month since I last wrote you, which reminds me how behind I am on letters and packages.
In our world of instant through e-mails and texts and Facebook Messenger, it's hard to remember the slower versions of the hand written.  But with family who wont ever get on a computer, its a skill I've happily maintained.  And I won't complain, it gives me yet just another surface to doodle on, and a way to share polaroids that will never make it onto the computer.

So within this month, it feels like a lifetime and a half has happened.

Shortly after the lakeside photoshoot you saw last, I started my final semester of schooling (at least for a bit, as I'm a school junkie.)  Working in photography but also the tactile hands on side of fine arts as well as my writing side has given me a peculiar way of looking at the world.  But more fine tunely, looking at people and the places that occupy our lives.

I've also been dealing with the culture-shock of coming back to the States after my short visit to Germany for two-weeks.  Being reminded of another part of me, another culture, it all felt so comfortable.  Yet, when we landed in Boise, with it's dry July air it once again was a comfort, full of nostalgia.  But this overwhelming sense didn't stop there, as we drove back up North, and the clouds began to wisp in and out of the trees I once again felt that comfort, that undeniable sense that I was home.

I couldn't let go of the idea of "how can we have multiple homes"?, but why do we have to have one home?  And isn't a house different from a home?  Welcome to my thesis.

Thesis research + tea. Lots and lots of tea.

Thesis research + tea. Lots and lots of tea.

In between my thesis, and finishing up my capstone body of work in the studio, I've been overwhelmed and blessed by new clients, a new job creating and making for my community and a teaching spot at my local gallery which holds my heart.

I've been teased on how I spin a lot of plates, but recently its feels like I'm spinning A LOT of plates.  And I know I am, but I can't imagine any of these variables not being in my life, and so, I spin lots of plates.

Hello Autumn.  Hello little booties.

Hello Autumn.  Hello little booties.

My little family + I have been trying to soak up as much summer as possible with the dawning of autumn looming over us here up North.  However, no matter how hard we've tried, stuffing in one more camping trip just became the impossible.  All four hearts have been broken, and we're trying to be on the mend with mini day hikes and snowshoeing up ahead.

But we've still managed to squeeze in some fun with our local fair and stuffing our faces full of elephant ears and corn dogs.  Lots and lots of sprinkler fun out in the yard.  Sunbathing and planting my new Mums on the patio to keep my crazy plant lady lifestyle going through the cooler season.

We took last weekends last squeak of summer and went mini-hiking in the rain up at a cedar grove about an hour outside of our town.  Besides incredibly beautiful, and cedars being my favorite tree, I was overwhelmingly set at an ease that I can say good-bye to summer, and hello to autumn.  Reminded I can still plan adventures once the snow arrives, just different ones. (So besides snowshoeing, any and all winter adventure ideas are welcome!!!)

So for now,

Hello Autumn.

And to kick the season off, besides grabbing myself a PSL and hopping onto that bandwagon, I got the sheer pleasure to photograph another local author, Joy Passanante.  She too, a lover of plants, had the patio out of a dream book coming off her bedroom like a treehouse for those of us whose souls never quiet grew up.

This was our backdrop, her personal stage for writing and escaping, a little garden heaven hidden away.  In an hour there was laughs and giggles, memories shared, insecurities and strengths reviled and a smile so infectious that while editing her photos late last night I couldn't help but smile myself.

Click here to view  HERE  current novels

Click here to view HERE current novels

One of the things I am constantly reminded of, is being a photographer, holding a camera is the equivalent of Harry Potter holding his wand.  It wields a power one would never have imagined.  You are able to capture time and save it for a later date.  It bridges languages and cultural barriers.  You are exposed to peoples deepest insecurities they otherwise wouldn't share with others.  

I've been doing a handful of what is deemed as "non-traditional" shoots lately, taking photos and doing shoots that aren't so mainstream on sites such as Tumbler or Instagram, and it's opened up my eyes and heart but mostly my soul to the rawness that comes with genuine and authentic art and photography and writing.  

These photoshoots are a reformation for me that I am a maker.  Someone who constantly is creating, and not just in one area or field.  I love sculpture, and ceramics.  I'm a die hard for fiber arts but also film.  Writing and reading are two of my biggest joys and designing gives me strength and empowerment.  I don't believe I have one life, but many lives inside my cubical of life to live.

The bare necessities 

The bare necessities 

I promise I will try to be better at writing you more often, but I'm sure until I graduate here in a few months, I will be scarce.

Thank you to all my followers, friends, family and supporters.  You all make all of these little lives I live one beautiful life.

With Grace + Guts


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