Octoberness in September

Over the past 6-weeks, weekends have mostly been devoted to less adventuring and photo shooting and more thesis research and studio time as I prepare to finish up this December (insert me doing the happy dance RIGHT HERE!)

But this weekend I took a 24-hour break from this schedule to hang out with an old friend and get my Graduation Pictures taken, and quite frankly, for being the one behind the camera all the time I was terrified to get in front and center of one.  (If you haven't read my last post on how cameras are the equivalent of Harry Potter's wand yet...stop reading this entry...go read that one and THEN come back to this...you'll understand so much more!)

Now, go figure, though I was the focus, I couldn't help snapping a few photos myself, especially as I was being surrounded by an overflow of fall goodness that I had been craving, and it was all at my finger tips! Thankfully my friend/photographer totally understood this and without complaint let me wander aimlessly around the U-Pick garden that was our main backdrop snipping flowers, making jokes and then me sneaking in a few pictures.  

Moody Vibes | Heather Woolery 2016

Moody Vibes | Heather Woolery 2016

Photography and art and writing has all kept me grounded, help me stay clear minded and strong souled.  Every day I get closer to graduating, the more things start to puzzle piece together.  I've got jobs and opportunities lined up like a 1-day only sale at Bath and Body Works or an REI Garage Sale, and even though I desperately want sleep and ooey extra chocolatey brownies all to my self, I can't help but remember I AM BLESSED.  I CAN DO ALL THINGS.

I'm not quite sure HOW yet, but I will get there.  One cup of coffee and prayer at a time, I will get there.

So to celebrate positive vibes and the Autumn Equinox, all fall prints in my shop are 10% off through October.  AND, if you book a photoshoot with me before October 31st (think graduation, Christmas cards etc.) I will take 25% off AND throw in some goodies at the end.  Because I'm all about the positive vibes and I'm ridding myself of the negative.  Because lets face it, less negative and more fall goodness is just a win win all around.

With Grace+Guts,