365/week eighteen


a day behind amongst all the chaos in reality makes me feel a tiny bit better.  if you follow along as all on my instagram account's you'll know that between the kids, my 9 1/2 hundred jobs, a house and being a breathing human...this week has been hectic and full of good crazy...and not so much fun crazy.

i did however continue my challenge with diving deeper into learning more about botany.  i learned how my aloe plant and spider plants are not just beautiful little plant babies but also purify my air! i also have been learning how to root, start and propergate multiple different kinds of plants and succulents...although i have yet to figure out how to do this with cacti.


i was supposed to start my flying lessons this weekend, however, my pilot canceled on last night and i'm so bummed in ten-different languages. i cannot wait to start learning how to fly.  i am a airplane junkie, that's just a fact.  the smell, the thrill, sunrises and set's at hundreds and thousands of feet up in the air...there is literally nothing quite like it. 

i spent a lot, i mean A LOT of time in my studio this week.  Continuing one body of work while also starting a painting series.  i worked on illustrations for a few clients and and was so happy to samba by myself painting eating leftover mexican music.

but i get to spend this easter weekend with my little family, and i'm going to soak it up...which means...yes...i'm cutting this update short.

but plants and botany...YES!!!!  flying...till next time.

With Grace+Guts,

heather woolery

heather woolery