365/week nineteen


I'm about to share a scary thought...if there are 52-weeks (roughly) in a year and this is the end of week-19 then that means there is only 30-something weeks left till we're back in the cold and snow.
A happy thought...I saw my first sprinkler and two lawn mowers working yesterday on my way to picking up my kids from school.

This week I've eaten literally everything I wanted (so check that off the darn list!) I'm not sure what it is about abandoned easter candy from my kids...but...some how I always find myself with a cup of coffee, the candy all curled up together in bed reading a book.

I also got some major headway done on my rebranding, the new website, and setting up events I'll be showcasing at this year.

I feel productive and unproductive all at the same time.  I've been spending hours each night in the studio or at my computer.  I've been spending time every night with my kids whither it's a school activity, reading even more Roald Dahl or learning about Legos.  I've drank copious amounts of coffee, gotten more work from clients and have gone to bed at 1 am for 4-nights in a row...and yet...I feel like I'm still not doing enough.

Maybe it's the constant rain, but I'm hoping by the beginning of May when I've crossed all my 'T's" and dotted my 'I's" I'll feel a little less like a bum and more or less like a productive human.

In ever constant need of sunshine.

With Grace+Guts,

Heather WooleryComment