365/ week 31


I'll be straight with you, I absolutley cannot stand the phrase "for those who cannot do, teach."


When I first moved up North, one of my first jobs was being a daycare teacher at my daughters daycare.  But what ended up turning into was me being the art coordinator and organizing art projects for kids ages 2years old to 8 years old.  And what surprised me the most was how much I loved it.

Fast forward two years and I got a work study at the local gallery and ended up helping the art education director to get extra hours...once again loving it.  This turned into me helping her for the two summer camps two years in a row, starting an after school program called ASAP (After School Art Program) all the way to this week where I organized, planned and taught my first summer camp.

This would be the main reason of my MIA on Instagram and Facebook.  I've been exhausted in every way and yet so grateful to be up to my neck in creative endeavors.  Because I don't just teach, with me in current two shows (in Idaho and Oregon), booked every month photo sessions, coordinating art events, designing for million $$ clients and chugging that coffee, i'd say I'm living that hustling artist life.  Which takes me back to my first statement.  I really don't like that phrase about teachers.
- Teaching is HARD work
- You can't teach unless you actually "do"

Now to curl up and finish my 2nd book of the summer while eating leftovers..  If you haven't discovered Miranda July yet, she's a MUST.

With Grace+Guts