365/ week 32


A week without kids is like a dream, even though I've been overtly busy, I won't lie, its felt like I was walking on a cloud.

This week I've been kid free. Kid free because as I continue to be a "single" mom with the hubbs working out of state, I had literally zero way of pulling off the week I just had with two adorable mini me's tugging on each arm.  And even though I've been over the top busy with the Art Affair event I coordinated with my team, photo shoots, friends coming into town, and a little something something I'll reveal in my next blog post, to be able to just eat leftovers and flop into bed when I got home has been ridiculously refreshing and renewing.

Art Affair was on Wednesday, and though hauling bricks was a pain and I most likely will postpone any further installations that include bricks for a long while, it really got some wonderful reviews and I got to do one of my favorite things in the world...talk with my viewers.  Most art shows I've participated in, the set up is made for people to look at the art, ponder, and then move on.  This event, being each artist takes over a hotel room, was perfectly set up so that the viewer could come talk to the artist one on one.  And I loved it.


Oasis | Heather Woolery | 2017 | Mixed Media Installation

And though I may have been kid-free this week, I had my fur babies to contend with, including the newest edition...Ms. Emma...who is reminding me that house training is so dang hard!  We've got the kennel, the puppy treats, going out every couple hours, cutting her water after 9pm etc etc etc and it is still kicking my butt. So honestly call this my cry for help on this matter because I am so smitten with this little hound that I hate that I'm getting so frazzled over one thing.

This weekend I'll be check off some more on the 365/list and I can't wait to share (follow along tonight and all tomorrow on my Instagram account @heather_woolery if you want an inside scoop!)  But for now it's coffee, left over Easter candy I found and working on that something something I can't wait to share with all of you soon.

With Grace+Guts,

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