365/ week 29: hello BC


Sometimes...you just need to get away to reconnect with everything...

Heather Woolery | Vancouver BC | Lynn Canyon Bridge | 2017

Heather Woolery | Vancouver BC | Lynn Canyon Bridge | 2017

Nope. Canada was not on my #365 list, but travel was.  Ice Land has been moved to next summer when I go to Europe to visit family and get Italy crossed off my bucket list.  This has left some room for other trips, including this very extended weekend to Vancouver BC with my mom + daughter. (I also have several photo sessions I'm doing while I'm here...but that's going to be saved for later...)

As our first official full day in BC we decided to brave both the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge and the Capilano suspension bridge.  There was live music, lots of laughter, bravery, inhaling all the good air...food...and treats.  Our Air Bn'B host is the absolute best and you can believe I will be recommending them to every single human I know who's planning a trip to Vancouver BC. And I have not died driving in a foreign country for the 2nd time...which I think deserves 10 points for Gryffindor.

Some peoples "thing" to relax and reconnect with themselves is sports, or scrapbooking or going for a walk.  All things I enjoy, but just getting in a car or plane or boat and just going somewhere for a couple day's is honestly, my thing.  Just 24-hours into this adventure and I feel like I can breathe where the past few months I've really felt like I was in a box.  A tight box.

For someone who's claustrophobic, tight boxes are not a good thing.  And this trip is just me busting that box to pieces.

OH! and while I'm away - our puppy is one major step closer to being offcially in our home and Monday we get to pick up our little Emma. So go right ahead and check that one off the list and say hello to our newest member of the familia.

So stay tuned for some photo session goodness, oh! and Happy Canada Eh!

With Grace+Guts,