365/ week 37: total eclipse of the heart


I'm sorry, I couldn't help the title, it was just called for!!!
And from the title I guess you can tell what the majority of this weeks post is going to be about!  But I think I'm allowed to seeing how I'm not sure if I'll ever get to see an eclipse at 100% totality again, let alone in my home state, Idaho <3

To make the day that much sweeter, it was my hub's birthday (I won't enter his age as he might murder me, but he is getting really close to that 3-0 and he's not happy about it, thats all I can say here lol)

Though he's been living & working in Oregon, we chose to meet in Idaho for the eclipse simply because we could also visit with family, as well as the unforeseen bonus by being in Idaho versus Oregon...we managed to surpass a lot of the cray cray crowds that we were seeing on the news.  We never found a gas station out of gas, and my cell phone worked just fine the whole day...so WAY TO GO USA for being prepared!

It was absolutely an out of this world experience.  The quick drop in temperature, the whoops and cheers from our fellow eclipse watchers, people getting hitched around us, and stars at 11:00 am with crickets chirping brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps on every inch of my skin.

To keep the birthday/eclipse day goodness going, I attempted making an eclipse espresso cheese cake for the hubs.  All I can say is it tasted better than it looked, lol.  I'm really not talented in the baking department, which is the main reason I've been putting off attempting to make chocolate souffle which is on the 365 list.  A little terrified I'm going to burn my house down.

And though the traffic was INTENSE trying to get back home between construction and eclipser's it was an honest good ending to a perfect day that I wouldn't trade for nothing.

But being back home, I've been working late nights in my studio for some upcoming shows, art competitions and a challenge.  As well as some personal stuff..though I'd much rather still be on the road.  But, that's the dream, and I'll just keep working towards it.

I hope you all had an amazing eclipse day this week!
Hallelujah it's Friday ya'll.

With Grace+Guts,