365/ week 36: on the road


Since Sunday I've been on the road, windows open, letting everything that's been bogging me down, fly and fade from the review mirror.

Sometime's, when life just doesn't get a darn clue that you can't handle another "mishap" you just have to get in a car (or airplane, or train, or boat etc) and just go!

I started this week off by visiting a friend from college out in Missoula, MT where we danced on stage with Belle and Sebastian at the Traveler's Rest Tour, ate lots of pizza, shot together for Missoula Mountain Mermaid local, Gemini Mountain Swimwear, and had raging lady power rants.

I then traveled back through the 208 over and across to Joseph, OR to spend time with my adopted sister.  It also kicked off Senior Session's Season as I met class of 2018 Sr. Tucker.  We hiked around a state park, went down to the Wallowa Lake, and then wondered over to the town's park to barrow the basketball court.  While in Joseph, I fell in love with the hundreds of deer that wondered around with their dopey ears, drank the best coffee one could dream of and soaked up golden hour with my lady.

And now I'm back in the 208 to finish off my little trip.  I've got plenty more planned, and of course I'm not going to be missing that solar eclipse.  This trip didn't solve every issue, it actually didn't solve any.  But what it did was give me breathing room, fresh air for my soul.  It's easy to get lost in the fog of life, and some times you just have to do what's best for yourself to get yourself back to where you need to be.

With Grace+Guts,

PS: PLEASE make sure you have good solar eclipse glasses!

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