365/Week Four


It was a simple first week of 2017, but it was one with direction and conviction.  However, it has been so busy that I've sort of failed to keep you guys up-to-date on my 365/challenge ... oopsy ... sorry!  

So as a quick over view, I really started getting back into drawing and illustrating.  I originally put it on the list because I really enjoy line drawings and find beauty in their delicate simplicity.  Yet, as I've become more consumed by sculpture and installation works, it really fell to the wayside. Sort of off topic question, if I started putting these drawings in the shop would anyone want one?

I also picked up the ukulele a couple times this week and I am able to (very roughly) change cords for a tiny tune. (I've been video taping these sessions...is this something you guys would like to see?)  I also continued purging by taking on our master bathroom and my studio portion of the garage, donating 3 bags to our local Goodwill and boxing up the rest for our huge yard sale in May.

This week I did shared with all of you that we are moving from North Idaho over to Portland, OR come June...which I'm ridiculously nervous about but excited for all the new adventures that are awaiting us.  So once again, if you live in the PDX area, let me know, I'm looking to connect and collaborate. (message me <3)

And finally, I read.  I read a lot.  We spent most of yesterday at the Barnes and Nobel in Spokane, WA and it was so blissful.  I'll be releasing a new book review on Tuesday, so keep an eye out for that!

The thing is is I really wish I could keep you guys' more so in the loop, but by actually doing the list and finding a balance of the list, my job and my family...I'm hardly finding time for much anything else.  Though, I really am trying to keep you up to date through Insta-story...so add me on Instagram @heather_woolery

So for now, it's lesson planning and watching The Crown on Netflix while drinking whiskey in my coffee.

With Grace+Guts,

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