365/Week Seven


Week Seven has been brought to you by coffee, tears, and lot's of laughter.  Oh, in honesty, this move has caused so much up and downs and all overs.  I spent most of the week voiceless and did a lot of jamming out to 80's favorites to keep the spirits high...or at least attempting.

But I also did two beautiful and wonderful photo sessions that warmed by heart and gave me all the feels and strength to know I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

I worked on my book, and rocked out to ABBA while doing so. I also opened the link to my book here on my website (which you can see HERE) which ended up causing me to get distracted and spending a late night updating and organizing my website. (sorry that things may look different.) 

And was reminded that there is truly healing powers in water as I look a long shower and all the troubles I was having in my studio with my art work were solved because finally that missing link came to me 15-minutes into being surround by steam.  Seriously, all my good ideas come from when I was swimming, showering etc.  Always.  I just need to learn to hop in the shower or go swimming when I have troubles in the studio or writers block.

But it's been a week.  And I've tried putting that best foot forward.  I made a second instagram account just for my photography and ordered beautiful business cards to go along with it.  I submitted work to two different art shows and booked another amazing photo session.  I've taken moments to read, moments to just sleep and moments to eat waay too much hummus while wallowing on Pinterest.

And isn't that beautiful.  
Isn't it beautiful that in a world full of chaos and crazy, we are always reminded our human we all are.  That we are all filled with such a rainbow of emotions.  This week was full of them for me, and made wonderful by the loving hearts that surround me.  The strength I find in myself and in God.  The furry I find from all that surrounds me and the ability to instead morph it into something beautiful through art and words.

I'm sure week 8 isn't about to get easier.  But this challenge is keeping me honest.  In all my wonders and flaws.

And thats okay.

With Grace+Guts.