365/ week thirteen


Well, seeing how i'm 3-days late to getting this up and working on week 14 I will be perfectly honest and state that on that list I should have added "spend more time with family."

I am late to getting to this post because I have been spending that time instead with my mom and dad, which I have not seen since Thanksgiving.  In between Christmas Eve and Christmas happened, graduation happened, my husband got his new job, and I've slowly started to change myself and my life for the better.  To see them, even for a few short day's has meant a lot to me and I was once again reminded of something that alway's just blows me away...I've got home in so many people, so many places.

This concept moved me so much I based my thesis off of it last year, and I see this concept pop up in all of my work repeatedly.  Throughout my life I've been labeled a "runaway" because of my constant need to move and explore, and to finally get to being 26-years old and finally start to figure out that this is not the case at all.  That I am only following my heart, and I'm so blessed to call so many corners of the country and of the globe home.

This 13th week of my challenge I spent quite a lot of time in my studio mixing stitching, painting and collage.  I've also really invested time in drawing and illustrating in my sketchbook which has reminded me the simple beauty of sketchbooks and their own art form.  Sometime's as an artist I can really get caught up in the technical and always want to have some *boom boom pow* reason for making and creating the thing.  But in my sketchbook, if I want to draw several pair's of eyeglasses because I'm in the market for new glasses, or several umbrella's because I'm on my way to Portland...then I can.  It keeps my brain wheeling without the feeling of "artist block."

Well, now it's onto week 14, which is full of time on the road, rain, photo sessions, coffee, exploring and hubby snuggles.  If anyone wants to meet up in PDX or has suggestions of where I need to go...hit me up <3

With Grace+Guts,