365 / week twenty-three

First off.
Let me say...thank goodness it's friday.
Let's just take 30-seconds to take that in..............................

Well, good morning.

This past week felt more "productive" on the checking things off the list aspect as I spent some major quality time with my studio, purging all the past work that doesn't serve me any more and just putting it all up for sale all to make room for my new bodies of work, the online shop I'll be launching here on the site soon and me working on my book.

I also got that shoulder tattoo and i'm so swooning in love with it.  I'm sort of addicted to tattoos, but addicted because each one I have has never been an impulse but has a novel of love and reason behind the ink.  So it's been quite a while since I was in a tattoo shop, and to get one more before leaving the 208 meant a lot to me.  It was designed by a friend who was really there for me when my daughters custody case broke out - and a friend who can put up with that emotional mess is someone who will forever me tied to my heart.  She put in wild flowers but with such a delicate touch that it's just one of those pieces I will forever love.

I finally am on the last bit of a book, that has taken me FAR TOO LONG to read, but I will be posting it's "book review" later in the week and then will get started on my summer book club list...

When I got outside this morning, rushing my kids to ACTUALLY GET IN THE DARN CAR SO WE"RE NOT LATE FOR SCHOOL YET AGAIN, and literally took five-seconds to just breathe in the sun.  Up in North Idaho we've been getting one day here and there of sun while the rest of the week in down pour of rain, sleet and cold as all get out (I still have wool sweaters in my closest ya'll!  I kid you not!) And every time that sun comes out I am reminded that we're just moments in such an amazing world and where this is all leading we will never know - but to take that quick moment of life and make it matter.

So once again - we've made it to friday ya'll.
I hope you all have an amazing and blessed weekend (with HOPE HOPE some sunshine!!!)

With Grace+Guts,

Design by: @klovelace13  | Tattoo done by: @thadsallfolks  | Tattoo shop: Bitterroot Moscow, ID