365/ week twenty-two


week twenty-two.
and thank goodness its the weekend.
this past week has felt like a blur to me.  
weeks like that really drive me crazy.
they drive me crazy because i feel like i'm wasting time.  and wasting time really is my ultimate frustration.

however, this week has also been an emotional roller coaster.
it's been time in the studio samba-ing one second thinking this is all gonna work and then having an actual panic attack that it's all gonna fail and my investing is gonna be wasted.

the "weekend" print above is one of the illustration prints i have been working on over the week in the studio and it's filled with so much happiness and doubt that i'm honestly at this point putting off opening the shop.

but other then my disbelief in the shop for my illustrations, patterns, prints and paintings

- i found my puppy and get to pick her up at the end of june
- the shoulder tattoo appointment is upon us
- i began purging today: books, kitchen towels, nail polish, dvds, follows on instagram etc.  i'm not done, but i already feel so much better

and even though i've got all of this working out...i feel so lost, so filled with disbelief, frustration.

so tonight its prayers, fat boy ice cream and coffee while listening to good ol' otis as i once again try to figure things out.

with grace+guts,