365/ week forty-two


Last weeks post was a bit heavy, I'll admit. And when I started this challenge I didn't expect it to get so emotional. I expected it to be difficult, but not challenging in every other which way.

This week I tried to keep it more mellow. I hooked up an old DVD player to the fancy new TV so that I could reprogram it and start watching German DVD's to practice, however, I've lost the remote to this OLD DVD player along the years and now can't reprogram it. So I guess it's off to Amazon to buy a multi-regional DVD player. Anyone have suggestion on which one to buy?

We FINALLY got our new dinning table, so the kids and I have been cherishing dinners together again (versus them on the tiny patio table and me on the couch for the last three weeks.)

I also came to a conclusion. If all you ever do is work to pay off debt, your life will be miserable.  No matter what.  Even if you pay off all you bills, you will still be miserable. So, with this in mind I made a mini list of all the places I want to travel in 2018, then a game plan of how many extra hours I have to work to save for all of those trips. This week at work was better simply because of that. I'm not saying you all have to put in an extra five-hours every week and go on vacation, but if all you ever do is work work work and pay bills and never live your life the way you want to be living it...then what is the point of living?

If you want to take cooking classes, go take cooking classes, if you want to go travel Europe, well start planning! It is as simple as that.  Because, I haven't booked any flights yet or hotels or Air BnB's but I'm putting pen to paper, making a game plan and by doing this, working has become a little less miserable and a little more purposeful.

But I'm gonna leave here today, the week was quiet, I'm still in my pajama's and I've got a coffee date with some ladies so I need to hustle.

Go live your lives loves!

With Grace+Guts,