365/Week Two

I defiantly could feel life beating against everything about this personal challenge of mine this week.  Work ran crazy, my daughter had her last go-rounds of dance lessons till after the winter break, the never ending chore of keeping up with the house, and everything last minute for today's festivities...by the time I'd get these things done, I'd pour into my bed and crash...no umph to work on the book, or start this new body of work.

However, after a few very late nights (like 1:00am) this morning I was able to wake up to two giggling little kiddos, a sparkling Christmas tree, and a hot cup of coffee.  Today was simple, I listened to the new Fitzgerald records the hubbs got me for Christmas, I took a two-hour nap and angels were singing afterwards, and we ate...let's face it...I'm still eating. We've had a weekend of family time, which really was slacking while I was going to school.  We went ice skating with kids, sledding down the hill on the side of our house and baked cookies.  We took a drive around town to look at all the Christmas lights and got hot coco's from Starbucks.  Oh how I cherish all these little moments with these two and this little family.

But, to be honest I debated about even writing this post, I really felt like I had done nothing for my list this week, but after a long nap and a good hug from the family, I calmed down and realized...I had in deed done what I could...and that's always enough.  I ate Taco Time guilt free at work this week and continued to eat what I wanted throughout the week.  I got one more story outline done for my book and I've been doing a few illustrations for work which have really put a pep in my step.  Friday I didn't have work and the kids didn't have school...so we got a whole day together where I turned off my social media and e-mails so that we could make airplanes out of popsicle sticks and clothes pins, and we spent the afternoon finishing Matilda.  And after getting to watch the movie Friday night, my daughter is now insisting on wearing a red ribbon in her hair everywhere.

And finally, I watched the documentary; Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.  One of the things on my list is to purge my house...purge my life of all the excess I've been dragging around that wieghs me down.  I want less stuff and more air, more moments.  Quality over quality.  Goodbye Corporate America.  The documentary was soo good and I really recommend it to anyone, even if your a lover of things.  Because I'm a lover of things, I have hundreds of books, multiple globes, and countless art supplies boxed away everywhere.  But it's my journey of finding only value in what I need and not what the media tells me I need. 

I believe my stress and struggle in beating myself up already over this 365-challenge is because I want so badly just to sit and write.  Just go do and make.  I've spent now three weeks sketching out, writing out and plotting that I'm so ready to just get on in there.  And between work, the house, family and the holiday's there's been little to no time to do this...and it's made me feel sort of like I'm a looser.  I failed.  But looking back, I didn't fail...I just didn't morph myself into Super Woman and make a whole list thats to take a year fit into 7-days.  One day at a time Heather...One day at a time.

So now, I'm off to finish my tall glass of wine, read some books to the kiddos and then enjoy a bubble bath and a Christmas movie with the hubbs.

350/375 days left.

With Grace+Guts