365/week forty-six



Last night I stayed up past midnight to work on a crossword puzzle. I honestly cannot tell you the last time I did this. I also organized and booked three photoshoots that I'm so jazzed about I wish I could tell you about all the goodness about to happen. Yesterday I felt accomplished in the simple, not over the top, but still really proud of myself sort of way.

This week has been a little bit different, with my daughter's 8th birthday on Tuesday, and then my kids out of school since Wednesday, my whole work schedule has gone a little off kilter, and it also has given me a whole heap of time to be at home and update my Facebook for my photography business, continue to recenter and ground myself in all that I will be doing in pursit of my lady power dreams, and not to mention...oodles of time hanging with my babies (which I mean, one of those "babies" turned 8 this week so I guess I should start saying "kids" now instead?!?)

Each day is a small victory. Each day is a confirmation that though life is hard, it is an absolute blessing. It has taken me till this week to FINALLY get into the autumn/Halloween spirit (never too late I guess?) but I've been pouting about the fact that summer is over, that I was dwelling too much in memories of sun kissed cheeks, and little sun dresses that I was failing to see the joy in my son's face as he ran through the leaves, or that comforting smell of neighbors fireplaces and morning fog. Recently, I was brought onto the Masterpiece series (on Amazon Prime) The Collection. I binged all 8-episodes in a week, but besides loving the history and drama, I was really captured by the viewpoint through a character's camera. I've been looking to get back into film for a while, but this show sort of nudged me. I looked into all of my vintage film cameras, finding I could re-spool my own film and start using them. 

As a creative I find inspiration, narrative and possibility in a lot of things that others, like my loving adorable hubby, don't see. I think it's the fact my right side of the brain overtook the left side too lol. But as the year is coming to an end, I'm starting to think of new endeavors and projects.  I've got my eye on a couple shows, and some new challenges for myself, because if I'm being honest with myself, I will never stop giving myself projects...which as we get close to 2018 I'll start sharing with you <3

But for now I'm going to go back into the studio and finish working on the last touches to my families Halloween costumes...anyone want to guess what our family theme is this year?

With Grace+Guts,