365/week fifteen


H E L L O,

hello spring, hello rain showers, hello open roads.

G O O D - B Y E,

good-bye week-14.

this week i got swamped at work, i got home from 10-day's on the road to be in my own bed for only 4-nights before i was back on the road.

today i write you from my old stomping grounds in sw idaho as my yellow chair/self portrait is on display this weekend in boise for their music fest, treefort.

the rain followed me from portland, to moscow idaho all the way down to boise idaho.  apparently 'tis the season.  so i'm trying to embrace it in my photography as graduation photo season is about to commence...so be ready for umbrella photo's to spare <3

this week i laughed as my son called 'kiss' the band the 'skunk band' and we danced barefoot in the living room to johnny cash and june carter.  this week i started looking at spring gardening (botany is on the list) and what i can do with us moving in a few short months.

this week i drank way too much coffee, and that one is a fact.

this week i breathed in the rain at three different points, and loved how each spot the rain smelled different and glorious in it's own right.

this week, i didn't conqure the world, let alone my list. but that's okay.  this week i'm trying to be gentle with myself and just enjoy the little things. like my new instagram project, sketchy coffee critic, where each saturday i'll share with my followers one coffee shop somewhere in the world that i've sketched and my coffee loving opinion. i'm enjoying hiding at barnes and noble for 2-hours kid free. i'm enjoying new pillows that make my bed feel like a slice of heaven. i'm enjoying the fact that there is air in my lungs.  and this week, that is enough.

with grace+guts,