365/week eleven


Just realized two seconds ago, that I haven't written the number eleven in I'm not sure how long and I had to pause for two seconds to remember...thats probably a TMI into my blondness...but oh well.  This challenge is about honesty so there's some for ya this Friday morning.

This week has been kind of a whirl wind in the art and writing department and a stand still in everything else.

I started the week leaving Portland, OR (where I'll be moving too in four short months) after a 4-day weekend soaking up the PDX rain and hospitality, not to mention we attended an elephant's funeral...OH! The joys of Portland never disappoint!

 I also started the week finding out that my work was accepted at an upcoming concert festival in Boise, Idaho (Treefort) <- check out this killer line up of bands for three days!!!! And there's so much goodness that comes with this opportunity, I just feel so incredibly blessed right now.  

I also have spent a lot of time in my studio (and everywhere else in the house...which you can see in my Instagram stories today.)  Because I've got several art shows and other opportunities that have popped up out of no where <3

Sadly though, everything else (piano, my Italian and photography) had to take a mini break this week.  Hopefully I can swing back into it come this next week!

I'm gonna be going back to Portland in March and gonna be exploring the PDX area and I'm looking for suggestions, coffee dates and some beautiful adventurous people to photograph (comment or connect with me, and let's have some fun ya'll!)

Oh! And I patched up my favorite jean jacket + started a quirky little project on an ol' pair of favorite jeans of mine (follow that on my personal Insta @heather_woolery)

Chow my babes+gents,
With Grace+Guts,