365/Week One

It has been an emotional ride this first week after graduation.  The lack of homework has been sensational and there isn't any denying this.  However, cleaning out my on campus studio, selling back my books, going out to the bar hangout one last time with all my sensational peeps...it was heavy and it's been weighing down on me.  As a confession, I've already started looking into grad school...because I love school...and that's that.

But I still took on my personal challenge to complete my list of put off's want to's and just in one week I feel so excited to take on all of these things that have been on the back burner for so long. I started piano again, practicing out of my old piano books...and I think I'll have Jingle Bell's down by Christmas.  I also took on the botany aspect as one of my cacti plants seemed to have root rot, and there is some root "surgery" one can do to remove that infected roots, and than repot with fresh soil the cacti which I took on.  So far the plant seems to be doing okay, so here's to hoping.  I also took the aspect of spending more quality time with my kids on full force.  We started reading a chapter or two a night from Matilda, hung out on the couch brushing each other's hair, and we "played" piano together one evening.  We also got our tree all decorated and ready for the big man himself to come to our home *wink wink*.  And finally I have finished my first book, and will be giving my book review on it this upcoming week.

So here's to new challenges, new chapters, learning and loving life, 6 days down. 359 left.

With Grace and Guts


ps// side note...a piece I wrote and my photography is on the Habit and Home site today.  Go check it out and let me know what you think <3 <3 <3