365/week seventeen



what a concept.

for the last month i've been everywhere but home, and the past 7-days have been finally me back in my little dwelling, refilling the refrigerator with food, catching up on laundry, watering plants, giving our cat waffle's her demanded attention...etc etc.

after my little art rendezvous, i hoped back into the photographer saddles this week and did two heart warmer and fun photo sessions.  even though the weather was hit and miss, man it felt so stinking good to be back out there with a camera in my hand.

i've seriously had the worst diet this week, which i guess chalk it up to "eating what i want" off the list, but pesto pasta for breakfast and 2-cheese burgers later...I'm a happy camper.  Sometimes, you've just gotta.  Or at least, I just gotta.

work has been insane so my time in the studio this week was nothing but i actually spent time to read two magazines two nights in a row...one was from February and the other from march...I'm catching up.

i'm so grateful for all the goodness...and even all the crazy.  sometimes it's hard juggling all that i'm juggling and i drop the ball here and there (like Monday when i took the kids through the drive through because i just wasn't gonna cook that night - - or last night when every thing i asked my mini's to do went in one ear and out the other and i threw a total 2-year old tantrum because of it...wow i'm an example this week)...but i love those two mini's with all my heart, i love being a creative even though it doesn't pay what i'd like so i could buy all the shoes...this is life.  it's an adventure.

my 365-challenge wasn't ever meant to be law or a stresser...though i'll admit i beat myself up from time to time for not perfecting Italian yet or not even picking up a cello yet...but it was meant to keep me moving and moving in a way that encouraged who i am versus the 9-5 drone that society seems to gravitate to.  My life is making snack for my kids day at 6:30 am when I'd rather be drinking coffee hiding in bed - - but at least i get paid in snuggles.

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend, enjoy those in your life and all the moments.

With Grace+Guts,