365/Week Six

Week Six | #365dagchallenge | Heather Woolery

Week Six | #365dagchallenge | Heather Woolery

Last night I finished a 20-piece illustration series of doorway's with door mats ranging from languages and sayings highlighting the different type's of homes.  A hint that no matter the differences, we all have a home here in the United States of America.  I was up past 10:00 pm to hurry and get it done for the hubby to pick it up on his way up to Spokane Washington to drop it off for it's first showing, and honestly I am so exhuasted this morning as I write you...25 may not be old but I sure can feel it in the AM anymore when I'm up late.

"This Land Was Made For Me Too" | Heather Woolery | View More  HERE

"This Land Was Made For Me Too" | Heather Woolery | View More HERE

Six weeks into this challenge and there have absolutly moments like last night at 10:30 when I just question why did I do this again?  I think, man I could just quit this thing whenever. No one's following along so whats the point.  But then I have an encouraging early morning call with my ma'ma and I'm reminded this challenge is for NO ONE other then myself.

To remind me of who I am, to find what the heck what my next step is.  That being a mom, or moving out of state are just little factors to add to the formula.  That I'm a woman and that means I break hard but mend like a warrior.  What a perfect day to be reminded of this <3


On top of continuing my dive back into illustrations, I showed on my Instagram story my attempt back at the ukulele, my dedication to coffee and I finished a book and am emerged in another.  

My kiddos and I were banned home for a day due to the extreme freezing rain and school closures, so we took advantage of this and did a mini valentine photoshoot for fun.  I may be just saying this because their my kids, but they are pretty sticking adorbs!

I've got one more art show to finish up for (a hint: one of the materials is bra's) and then it's refocusing on the book and continuing to push forward on this freelance photography.

Which shameless plug...book with me for Idaho, Spokane, WA and Portland, OR now, cuz' a girl's gotta do her thang ya' know ;)

So let's pray there's enough coffee in this world to keep us strong and move into this new week with strength and love for all...including ourselves.

With Grace+Guts,