365/week sixteen


S I X T E E N.
16-weeks since I graduated.

add 5-years of college, and it is only NOW that I have the faintest idea of what i am made of, what it mean's to be an artist, what i'm working towards...like really know what I'm working towards!

I guess it truly does take a lifetime to live a life...hence the phrase that "life is too short."

I get it now.

in the past 7-days i've been down in Boise, Idaho for their treefort festival where my chair was displayed at their first ever art show! it was seriously amazing to be back at my old stomping grounds, listening to some B O M B music, eating putine and talking art like a crazy lady <3

it was the exclamation point in my soul that screamed

"H E A T H E R guess what? Your an artist, a photographer, a maker, a creative.  And look at what you've done!  You were at the freaking bottom six years ago and now look at you!"

So now I'm looking at me, at my family, at this soon move to Portland, Oregon and I'm like...."Heck yes!  I know what I'm gonna do!"

So I can't quite tell ya'll yet...but it's vintage gloriousness, full of beauty, photos, open roads, and a lot of P-A-R-T-Y!!!

---- so now i'm gonna stop here, drink my coffee, eat my peanut butter sammie for breakfast and head into the studio before i go plant shopping because the sun's out and I am gonna take advantage of every darn moment I get with that beautiful sunshine!

So shine bright my loves and keep moving forward...because there is more life to live!!!

With Grace+Guts,

just a few snapshots from treefort 2017