365/week twenty-one


Well, I've officially not been THIS late to writing a 365-Friday post...but it's late due to travel reasons...and that is always a good reason in my book.


Friday morning I was blessed with getting to photograph a gorgeous garden goddess like session and by 2:30pm I was on the road for my first art/photo fair...with no blog post written...so here's a catch up of what I've been up too...

This past week I came to realize that my goal to know more about botany can, I believe, be officially checked off the list.  There was a epidemic with my cat...Waffles...who knocked over several of my plants during one of her cat like adventures around the house about 6-weeks ago.  I sprang into action trying to pick up all the broken pieces, cleaned them off, spliced the ends and then filled several mason jars with water to plop the broken branches of cacti and succulents and my YES! Bird of Paradise into.  Just this week, every single one of these branches survived and now my house is littered with tiny pots and rescued plants.  I've also really gotten to know plants by their names versus just "oh that one plant with the purple flower..." (I now know I have 3-different species of Philodendron!)

Of course I drank copious amount of coffee, I ate more shortbread then normal this week happily and I spent the week with my daughter going to the movies and out to eat versus worrying over laundry and the yard (which now its sadly safe to say I've got about 7-loads of laundry humped on my bed like a huge camel hump.)

I got to spend the weekend at my first art/photo fair showcasing my work - and got totally blown out by the 25mph winds :( all I can say is this weekend was a huge learning curve for me.  But I'm so excited to gear up for some upcoming wedding expo's I'll be apart of...and now starting to plan and plot photo's for upcoming wedding's i'm shooting <3  

But now its time for me to push that laundry I was talking about, over to the other side of the bed and get some sleep.  I hope you all have a fierce and wonderful rest of your week.

with Grace and Guts,